Video Review: Ellie Goulding & Juice WRLD “Hate Me”

A cell phone deletes pictures of Ellie Goulding as it lies on a table.

Lit in ruby red, she sits on the floor and balances her phone on her finger.

A knife hangs in the air.

Spreading her legs, Goulding snaps pictures of a voodoo on the lavender floor.

Lit in basil green, a thirtysomething muscular man walks towards a steel wheel. Goulding stands against the basil green background, wearing a hoodie. He punches a wall. Juice WRLD sits behind it and smokes. Several twentysomething men put headphones in their phones and listen to the music.

Goulding sits on the knife.

The twentysomething men dance. Goulding swipes the glass with her fingers.

Wearing a gold EG chain around her neck, she dances with her face towards the lavender lit wall.

The twentysomething men repeat the chorus as they sing it to themselves. She swipes the screen.

Rating: 1/5

Ellie Goulding swipes past three profiles in the dating app. She responds to a message and writes another. A couple of matches pop up in her notifications. Some of the guys really tried too hard. There was a guy who once gave her his resume. She read it over during the date and scrunched up in her handbag. It became scratch paper for whenever she needed to jot something down while she was out with her friends.

She wanted to forget her ex-husband, though. Under the photo with his new girlfriend his caption read: “finally happy and free.” After a couple of months, he swore to her she was the one and that he wanted to be with her forever. They eloped while on vacation. She returned home with a ring and moved into his home. They had been together less than six months. It was real and he swore to her they were going to defy the odds.

Three weeks ago, she signed the papers for the annulment. He had fallen in love with someone else and said it had been rushed. It was a rash decision based on multiple cocktails. He hadn’t been drunk. He was the one who had asked her in their hotel room.

Each day, she sticks a new pin in the voodoo doll. She repeats the curse and checks his social media profile. His profile changes to a photo of himself somewhere in the United States. She grins and tucks her phone in her pocket. It’s almost over. However, the photo changes to him with kissing the young woman in a white dress. Taking a knife out her drawer, she tears apart the voodoo doll.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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