Video Review: Morris Day “Fishnet”

A young woman, wearing black fishnets, crosses her legs. Three women, wearing sunglasses, and black pantyhouse, walk into the club.

At Club 88, Jimmy Jam turns to Terry Lewis. A thought bubble appears over his head, as he asks “where’s Morris?” Jam shrugs. Day stands by the curtain. The thought bubble over his head asks: “what time is it?” He spins on stage and sings into the microphone.

Day slicks back his hair as he sits in the back of the car. He watches a young woman, wearing sunglasses, walk on the sidewalk. He has the car follow her. The car parks and he walks behind her.

A young man stands next to woman at the club and watches the reflection of her legs in the plastic hole of his shoe. She side-eyes him. A thought bubble appears by his mouth: “LAWD!” he exclaims to himself.

Day runs into the three young women on the sidewalk. They leave with him and walk to a boat named “The Catch.” His eyes bulge out as they sit in the bedroom together. One woman closes the door.

The three women walk to the front row and watch him perform.

One of the young women pulls at his arm as he leaves the boat in the morning. He gives them each a pair of red pantyhouse.

Rating: 2.5/5

Morris Day buys some several pairs of pantyhouse while at the store. He likes to gift them to the ladies of his choice. Sometimes, if they are given the privilege of an another day, he asks them to model them for him. The last three women he had almost made him miss a gig.

Terry and Jimmy tell him that he has to be careful. The women may come back with children and he won’t be able to fight back. Day assures he’s being safe. Jimmy says they still have to work. If Day misses any more gigs, they’ll be losing their place at the club. Day turns down a few women and sticks to a tight schedule. However, the three young women attending their shows every weekend have made their intentions known. One hinted he has disappointed with them. His reputation seems to be based on a myth. He assures them it’s all true and promises to make it to up to them.

Jimmy sighs as he hears the busy signal on the pay phone. Terry tells him they don’t have enough time. One woman approaches him and asks Morris is there. She needs to talk to him. Jimmy tells the owner they can’t do the show. The owner says he’s had enough. They fire Day and he’ll consider bringing them back.

Day looks at his watch and realizes he’s supposed to be on stage. As he walks into the club, he sees another band performing. He asks the owner what happened. The owner tells him he’s late. Day begs for the spot back, saying it wasn’t their fault. The owner shuts the door in his face.

Director: N/A Year: 1988

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