Video Review: Ace of Base “All That She Wants”

Filmed through a beige filter, a young woman runs her star necklace over her fingers as she looks out the window of her home.

Malin sits in a chair of the same home and sings. Jenny twirls the necklace underneath the fingers. Jonas plays the keyboard as he sits on another chair. Ulf plays the piano.

The young woman pushes a man’s hand back. She applies eyeliner and puts on lipstick. She tucks her strap underneath her dress as she stands in front of the mirror. She picks a bracelet out of her jewelry box and blows out the candles. Wearing a jacket, she leaves her home and walks into a bar.

At the bar, she talks to a second young man. Putting her arm around him, she walks out with him. The second young man closes her bedroom door. She takes the second young man’s hand.

Rating: 4/5

The young man put on his shirt and tells her that he had a good time. His lip curls as he puts his shirt. She tells he’s handsome. He turns to her and grins, saying she’s a pretty girl. She asks him what he’s thinking. He says “you” and gives her a kiss. He tells her he can’t stay for breakfast. He has to let his dog out. She nods and tells him that she’ll talk to him again soon.

“Soon,” though, was something she said. She writes his name in her book beside her book and rates him. He received extra points for being kind. Opening her window, she watches his car drive off. He waves to her and she smiles. Glancing at the floor, she picks her clothes and finds a button from his shirt. She tosses it in the trash.

As she puts on her robe, she sees he wrote his name and phone number down on a sheet of scratch paper and crumples it up in her hands. He was nice enough guy. However, she couldn’t handle the day-to-day of maintaining a relationship. She was used to being by herself. Each man believed they could change her once she told them her story.

Sometimes, in her home, she pictures helping a baby with his first steps as her husband films it on the video camera. It was a passing moment, slipping from her memory while she continued about her day.

Director: Matt Broadley Year: 1992

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