Video Review: Enigma “Age of Loneliness”

A beige hue covers the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, New York. A brief flash of teal occurs as it returns to the beige.

People stand on the sidewalk, talking and waiting to cross. Some people talk to one another while others stare straight ahead. An oversized baby floats over Times Square. A young man levitates over the taxis.

Tears drop from a 18-year-old young man’s eye.

A thirtysomething woman, with her knees pulled close to her, floats over the expressway. A fortysomething man drifts by a skyscraper. A twentysomething woman hugs her shoulders as she hangs suspended in the air on the subway platform.

A young man holding a bouquet of roses gets on the bus.

The oversized baby floats by a payphone. A woman’s legs dangle over the buses. The thirtysomething hangs by a Howard Johnson. A second young man hangs onto the twentysomething woman as they float.

People stand in line to pay at the movie theater. Cars and taxis drive by it after it has closed.

Rating: 4/5

The fortysomething man stares out the window as the taxi driver takes him to work. He counts the cash in his pocket. On his lunch, he’ll have go to the bank. It was getting expensive. His siblings didn’t have cars. Although he talks with his co-workers, he doesn’t feel comfortable asking them for a ride.

Walking into the office, he says hello to his two co-workers sitting in the cubicles next to him. They wave hello and ask him how he’s doing. He says he’s fine and tells the drive in was horrible. They talk about traffic for a couple of minutes and turn to their computers. Sometime during break, one of his co-workers asks if he wants to order lunch. He says he can’t and heads to the bank.

A young woman reads a book on the subway. She underlines her favorite sections and looks up to view the lights. Leaning against the seat, her gaze falls to a brown haired man about her age. She smiles at him. He glances at her and returns to book. She walks up to him and asks him how he likes the book. He says it’s okay and looks down at the pages again. She sits down next to him and shifts in the seat.

He gets up from his seat during her stop. She stands up and he turns his head towards her, glaring. She avoids looking at him and walks with head down out of the subway. While at the hot dog stand she sees him walk next to her. The series of coincidences would’ve led to a joke or perhaps some banter about meeting one another. However, they only seemed to share the same route. He rolls his eyes as he orders a hot dog. She keeps her eyes focused on the the window displays of the stores. The vendor asks her for her order. She tells him and sits on the bench to eat.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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