Video Review: Marshmello & Kane Brown “One Thing Right”

A guard watches as Marshmello walks out of the prison. A second guard opens the gate for him. He salutes the guard and then walks on the shoulder of the road. Kane Brown picks him up by the side of the road.

Brown parks in the driveway of the sheriff’s home. Marshmello gets out of the car as the sheriff watches from the porch.

At night, Brown stands by his car in the desert.

Marshmello’s girlfriend runs onto the porch and holds onto the pole. He pauses as she smiles at him. The sheriff points at her, telling her to get back inside. He puts his head down and walks back to the car with Brown. The sheriff yells at his girlfriend in their house.

Brown and Marshmello stand by the car in the motel parking lot.

Several police cars follow them as they drive on the road. The sheriff watches the police chase on television and shakes his head. Marshmello sees people on the shoulder of the road with signs telling them to keep going. He drives through a haystack. The police cars skid and stop. Marshmello waves from the car.

Rating: 2/5

Marshmello cleans the last dish at the diner and clocks out. He gets his jacket out of his locker and waits for his current girlfriend. She gives him a kiss and he hands her her purse. He asks her if her night got any better after break. She says people were horrible and shows him her quarter tip. He nods and says it’s terrible and walks out with her.

In the car, she takes off her shoes and says things will pick up soon. Marshmello tells her he isn’t sure how long he’s going to stay. She turns her head in surprise and says “but we talked about this.” Marshmello tells her she always knew it was temporary. She says she’ll go with him and that he doesn’t have to go it alone. He says he can’t drag her down. She looks out the window as he continues to drive home.

He can’t ever return home. The sheriff, his ex-girlfriend’s father, would place him in jail again. No one would ever be good enough for his daughter, though. He held his power over her and threatened to kick her out. As long her father was alive, she wouldn’t be allowed to leave town and live the life she wants.

They had run away together. Although they knew it wouldn’t last, there was some peace from being out from under his thumb. But he had every police officer tracking them. In a week, they were found and he was charged with kidnapping. His lawyer suggested to take the plea deal. Marshmello had resisted and said he wanted a trial. His lawyer told him he wouldn’t have a chance and that it was only a few years. Within the few years, the sheriff had ruined both their lives.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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