Video Review: Sam Smith “How Do You Sleep?”

Against a white background, Sam Smith slumps in a chair inside a studio. A monitor records him. Equipment and cords lie next to him.

Wearing a navy blue mesh shirt and dress pants, he continues to sit in the chair while a group of shirtless men, in high-waisted jeans, move towards to him.

An assistant drags him from his chair and places him on the floor. Against the charcoal background, he arches his back as he sits up.

As the shirtless man dance around him, he moves his arms in the air and crosses his legs in the chair. It rotates from a charcoal to black background several times. Smith stands up and dances with him.

He stands in a metal lift while a young man skateboards on the ramp below him.

A robot photographer takes pictures of him while he stands against a forest background.

Cameras watch him inside a lab while he sits with a robot.

As the background rotates to a searing red and lavender, he and the male dancers continue the routine.

Rating: 3.5/5

Sam Smith giggles as he holds hand with a young man as they walk on the street. Smith points to a costume store and says he wants to go inside. There are some clothes he needs to buy for whenever he goes out. He buys a feather boa and a leopard print hat. While at the counter, he tears off the price tags and wears it as he walks out the door.

Over dinner, his date does a spit take as Smith tells a story about dancing in a cage while drunk. His date believed he was quiet and broody. However, he likes this side of him just as much. Smith kisses the young man on the lips. He says it may have been too forward but he had to do it. The young man says that it was okay and kisses him again.

While visiting with his family, his mom tells him he’s seems so happy right now. Smith says he could no longer hide. His mom comments that they could tell it was weighing on him. Smith asks his parents if they like an outfit he bought. He’s thinking of entering a local competition with it. He’s going to work with a choreographer and try to get a routine. His dad tells him he’ll look great and ask when the competition will be. Smith says sometime in September. His parents say they will be there.

Director: Grant Singer Year: 2019

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