Video Review: Trina & Kelly Rowland “Here We Go”

In black-and-white, multiple photos show a young man kisses his girlfriend by the bar.

Trina sits at the kitchen table, talking on her cellphone. A “Happy Birthday” cake, decorated with red hearts, sits at the end.

In black-and-white, the young man and his girlfriend sit at on the patio at the restaurant. The young man puts his hands on his girlfriend’s shoulders and she sorts through a rack of clothes.

Trina drinks some wine and gets up from the table. She cuts the cake with the knife and breaks it apart. She pushes him as he sits shirtless on the bed. Trina sits on the bed by herself.

He and his girlfriend sleep together in the bed.

Kelly Rowland sits with her at the kitchen table as she opens the manila envelope. She looks through black-and-photos of the young man kissing his girlfriend by the garden of their home.

Rowland leans on the column of the porch while Trina sits on the steps. The movers carry cardboard boxes into her home. He kisses his girlfriend as they stand in the pool at night.  Trina stands in the pool in the afternoon.

On the lawn, she places a garage sale sign with free written on it. Two twentysomething men go through the clothes in the cardboard boxes. She and Rowland pack the fur coats in the trunk of the car. The car drives off once they get inside.

The young man pulls up the driveway. He picks up the manila envelope on the floor and leafs through the black-and-white with his girlfriend. Rowland, Trina and their driver laugh. The young man puts his hands on his face. A burly man in a black shirt grabs for him.

Rating: 2.5/5

Of course it was her. Trina comments to her best friend, Kelly Rowland, that her boyfriend had insisted she had nothing to worry about. However, she adds, something had to be lacking within her for him to stray. Kelly Rowland takes the photos out of her hands and tells she has a fun night planned for her birthday. Trina puts the envelope on the floor and leaves with her.

At least she knew. She couldn’t shake the images of him drinking with the young woman in their home. Even though, it was satisfying that he was being kicked out of the house, there was a pit in her stomach that wouldn’t go away.

The private investigator had warned her he may find unpleasant information. She told him she couldn’t continue living a lie. Something was off. Around her birthday, the private investigator had left her a message, telling her he had the found the information. She had sent him the check in the mail and he had dropped off the photos at Rowland’s home.

In the backseat of the car, Rowland pats her knee and tells her it’s going to be okay. She pours her a glass of champagne and says it’s a new beginning for her. Trina wipes the tears from her eyes and says she had hoped he was hiding some major purchases from her and was afraid to tell her. She says she wishes that it was because he was in debt. Something that wasn’t her fault. Rowland rubs her arm and says she loved him and trusted him. There was absolutely nothing wrong in it. The driver stops the car at the club. Rowland tells the driver they are going to take a walk first.

Director: N/A Year: 2005

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