Video Review: Luke Combs “Beer Never Broke My Heart”

A female server drops off a beer at a table. She hands a beer to Luke Combs as he stands on stage. He takes a sip of it and says “I would like to thank everyone for coming out tonight.” A second female server cleans a table with a cloth as he says, “it means a lot to us.”

A fiftysomething man sits a table, with his hand on his cheek. A twentysomething man plays shells of the nuts on the counter. Combs takes another drink of his beer and starts to perform. A fortysomething man, wearing a dress shirt, fixes his tie as he sits down in a chair.

A third female server pulls back a strand of her hair as she walks on the floor. Two young women walk up to the front of the stage with their beers, bobbing their heads. A second twentysomething man hangs a flyer for missing dog, Dexter. A third young woman comments to her friend, that “he’s really good.” A thirtysomething man orders a drink at the bar.

By a fountain, he gets down on one knee and proposes to his girlfriend. His girlfriend runs off.

The thirtysomething man smiles at the female bartender. A third twentysomething man looks up from his table and at Combs.

The third twentysomething, wearing his football uniform, kicks the field goal. It bumps against one of the poles.  He takes off his helmet on the field.

People sing along with Combs. The thirtysomething man dances with the female bartender.

Combs sees the same five people in the bar and comments on the crowd, then laughs.

Rating: 2.5/5

Luke Combs munches on some peanuts before the set. He watches a group of people walk into the bar. The female bartender tells him it’s been picking up the last couple of weeks. Combs says it must be the weather. The female bartender says they have been getting a lot of online reviews lately. The owner stops by to say hello and Combs jokes about the number of people. The owner responds that it’s been word-of-mouth about his song. He adds that people want to hear it. Combs brushes the shells of his shirt as he gets off the chair.

As he walks on stage, he sees the bar fill up. The regulars turn their heads as they see their tables taken. The female bartenders scramble from customer to customer. Some people film him on their phones as they dance. While he steps off the stage, two people stop him and ask him if he has any merchandise available. He says that he has some CDs. In the dressing room, he picks up one of his homemade CDs and tells the people it’s $2. They get the money out of their wallets and pay him. A line begins to form.

The owner sets up a merchandise booth for him. While sitting behind it, a twentysomething man says he says his beer song a couple months ago and it changed his life. His ex-girlfriend had rejected his proposal and he came into the bar, needing to get away. He started talking with the female bartender and they’ve been dating for about six months. Combs shakes his hand and says it great to finally meet him. He says that the female bartender talks about him all the time. The twentysomething man grins and says that she’s really special. Combs says he was glad to have been of some help.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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