Video Review: Shanice “Lovin’ You”

The waves roll towards the shore and hit against a rock. Shanice walks on the sand and in the water.

In black-and-white, a bride and groom dance inside a tent. They run from their car, with the soda cans and “just married” on it, to the beach. A father and his son build a sandcastle. The father carries his son as they walk on the shore. Two young women run by the fence. Their boyfriends follow behind them. One of the young women dumps a bucket on her boyfriend as he sits on his lounge chair, underneath an umbrella. He chases her.

She holds onto to the lawn chair as the water soaks the top of her dress.

In black-and-white, the bride laughs as her husband spins her as they stand in the ocean. The father and son walk on the beach. The bride and groom kiss by the car.

Rating: 3/5

Shanice claps for the bride and groom as they kiss underneath the arch on the beach. Her mother says it was lovely wedding. Shanice says she hopes she can have love like that someday. The minister announces they are welcome to gather at the tent before the reception.

She walks over to her uncle and cousin, and says they have done an awesome job on the sandcastle. Her uncle says he was getting antsy during the ceremony and wanted to finish it. She takes a picture of it with her camera and calls the photographer over. Her cousin grins as he sits by his sandcastle. The photographer exclaims “wow!” and asks him how long it took them. Her cousin responds that they’ve been there since the morning.

One of the young women asks Shanice if she wants to hang out with them. Shanice says yes and asks if she’s going to be the next one to get married. The young woman says she doesn’t know. She and her boyfriend have been discussing it. However, they are still young.

At the reception, Shanice taps her foot as she sits at the table. A young man, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, asks her to dance. She answers “yes.” Her mother grins as she watches her daughter dance a slow song with the young man.

The young man asks Shanice how she knows the bride and groom. She says the bride is a family friend. He says he went to college with the groom. After a couple of dances, she says she needs some soda. He says he’ll get it for her. They talk for a while and exchange numbers. Back at the table, her mother says she was gone for a bit and wants to know how it went. Shanice smiles and says she may have a date sometime next week.

Director: N/A Year: 1992

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