Video Review: B2K “What A Girl Wants”

Kyla (Kyla Pratt) steps out of her trailer and stops by her friend’s car as she pulls up. She tells her friend, “Jennifer, thank God you’re here.” Jennifer (Jennifer Freeman) asks her “what’s wrong?” Kyla asks her for a favor. She wants her to arrange a talk between their boyfriends. “Why?” Jennifer asks. Kyla says she thinks he “cheated on me with that girl, Tanya.” Jennifer responds, “are you serious?” Kyla bites her lip and says, “could you please call O for me?”

Jennifer calls up Omarion and explains that he “needs to talk to his boy because he and Kyla had a real argument.” Omarion says “they are trippin’ again” Jennifer says doesn’t know the entire story but to talk to him. Omarion explains that “I”ll deal with it.” Jennifer hangs up the phone and says that Omarion promised to call her. An assistant puts his hands on Kyla’s shoulders and tells her “she has to get to set.” Kyla says to please, please, have Omarion “give her a call.” Jennifer promises that she’ll remind him.

A message on the screen reads: “Two Hours Later” as Omarion drives to J-Boog’s house. Omarion says they have to talk once gets in the car. Omarion has a heart-to-heart with J-Boog.

Wearing white tank tops and pants. Omarion, J-Boogie, Raz and Lil’ Fizz sit by a large fan in a family room. They sing into their microphones.

Jennifer strokes Kyla’s hair as they sit together by the trailer. Jennifer sees Omarion pull up and smiles at Kyla. J-Boog gestures for Kyla to give him a hug. Omarion sits by Jennifer and kisses her. J-Boog gives Kyla a puppy.

Rating: 3.5/5

Kyla tells the puppy to sit. The puppy wags it tail and barks at her. Jennifer picks the puppy up and says that he’s gotten so big. Kyla says she and J-Boog have been training him. She says yesterday was the first time he went potty outside. Jennifer says she and Omarion are planning to live together. Kyla says that’s so exciting and asks if they have any idea where they are going to buy a house. Jennifer says that they are going to stay in Los Angeles. As Jennifer pets the puppy, she says that things have been better lately. Kyla nods and says that J-Boog has been really trying. She adds it’s good to not to be dramatic couple of the group. Jennifer laughs and says the guys are usually fighting about something. She says Omarion doesn’t explain why, though.

As she and J-Boog take the puppy for a walk, she asks him what’s wrong. He’s been quiet for most of the walk. J-Boog shrugs and says it’s just work. Kyla says she can’t wait for vacation. J-Boog says he wishes he could go quit and move away. Kyla puts her hand on his arm and tells him she’ll help him through it. He pulls her hand away and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Kyla stares at the ground and smiles at the puppy as they walk back home.

Director: N/A Year: 2003

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