Video Review: Lauren Daigle "Rescue Me"

Video Review: Lauren Daigle “Rescue”

Lauren Daigle, wearing a black shirt dress, stands on the gray stone in the Chugach Mountains in Anchorage, Alaska. She walks by the navy blue stream weaving between the rock. She touches a rock as she continues to walk.

Wearing a white shirt and pants, she walks on the grass on the mountains. She turns to look at the Knik Glacier.

In a rust colored gown, she walks on the snow-capped mountain.

Rating: 4/5

Lauren Daigle scatters her friend’s ashes on the Chugach mountain. As teenagers, they would camp there once a However, as they got older, it became less frequent. She saw posts online of her with her family through the years and exchanged messages once in a while. Her friend had called her in the middle of the night, scared and upset about a lump she had found. Daigle offered to go the doctor’s with her. She put her arm around her friend as doctor told them cancer diagnosis.

She held her friend’s hand during chemotherapy and babysat her kids when she was exhausted from the treatment. Her friend promised her to look after her children. She knows she’s going to die. She apologized for losing touch and not being a better friend. There was so much they missed. Daigle told her she needs to concentrate on getting better.

Her friend died two years later. Visiting the mountains, she sees them as teenagers, drinking and laughing as they ate s’mores. She remembers their conversations about who they who they wanted and promises to be in each other’s lives forever. She says goodbye to her friend as she watches the ashes blow in the wind.

Director: John Gray Year: 2019

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