Video Review: Soul II Soul “Back To Life”

At Epping Forest, Caron dances on the bottom step in the garden. Jazzie B and Dadee play their instruments and dance. Claudia Fontaine dances with several other young women on the back steps.

They dance with friends on a rooftop as the sun sets.

Lit in royal blue, a young woman dances.

Through a gold filter, Jazzie B dances in the apartment.

Lit in royal blue, the young woman whips her hair.

They continue to perform by the steps.

Rating: 3/5

Jazzie B puts some hamburgers on plates. Dadee calls out that the food’s ready as he flips over the hot dogs. Caron turns the music and says it all looks so good. Jazzie B hands her a plate and she asks about the relish. Jazzie B points to other table.

Claudia laughs as she bites into her watermelon while she listens to one of her Jazzie’s B friends tell a story about them in elementary. Claudia flags down as Jazzie B and says he was a rowdy kid. Jazzie B sits down and claims the young woman was the bad influence. His friend says she had some help.

Caron thanks everyone for coming out as they finish eating. She says they don’t get to see most of them often. However, they have become family they can rely on whenever they are bored or need someone talk to. Dadee gets up and says it’s time to dance. He begins to dance by the table and tells people to get up. Caron adds there’s plenty of drinks in the cooler.

Claudia grabs a napkin and wipes the sweat off her face. She gives Caron a hug and says she’s going home. Caron says it was good to see her. Claudia asks when they’ll be in town next. Caron responds in about a month. Claudia says they can meet up for lunch again. She runs over to Jazzie B and tells him to behave and hugs Dadee while he spins. Dadee tells her to call him. Claudia says she’ll be in contact. She waves goodbye as she leaves.

Director: Andy Delaney Year: 1989

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