Video Review: Duran Duran “Save A Prayer”

In Sri Lanka, Andy stands by a sailboat and gazes at the ocean. Simon sits on a couch inside a home and stares out the windows.

A little boy pulls in his reel while a young man sits on top of a rock in the ocean. Simon sits by the beach. Several children run past him. The children dance in a circle between two sailboats. Simon, Andy, John, Nick, and Roger walk on the beach together.

Simon walks by several men moving a sailboat back on the beach. John plays guitar on the second sailboat as two women sit next to him.

Simon and John stand on top of Sigiriya Rock.

The little boy drops his reel and runs up to Simon. Simon picks him up and carries him in arms.

Simon walks out of the bedroom. In another room, a thirtysomething woman sits cross-legged on the floor and drinks. Simon and a young woman dance in the foyer. The young woman walks away.

By the lagoon, the elephants spray water from the trunks as the Simon, Andy, John, Nick and Roger sit on the rock. Andy lies on the rock and puts his hat on his stomach. Children in yellow robes walk on the rock. An elephant sprays John with water.

They stand by the columns in Poḷonnaruwa and walk to the temple. At night, several children, wearing robes, walk.

Simon sleeps on the couch.

Rating: 5/5

Simon visits the temple and prays. It had become part of his daily ritual. His girlfriend was teaching him the local language and he helped her with her jewelry. Her jewelry sold really well and was a favorite among the tourists. He loved to listen to her as she talked about the pieces.

He kisses his girlfriend and says he’s going to pick up John, Andy, Roger and Nick at the airport. She says she’ll change out of her robe and find a sundress to wear. He hands her his credit card and tells her to buy some clothes for the weekend. She beams and says she’ll be back in an hour or two. She adds she has to prepare something. He tells her not to worry and let their maid handle it.

John sits in the family room and says he has a wonderful place. Simon says he’s decided to stay. Andy drops his drink. Roger leans back into the couch. John nods. Nick raises his eyebrows. Simon says he’s in love with her. John tells him he’s welcome back home at anytime. Andy says she was supposed to be like every girl who has crossed their paths. Simon says he wanted to fight for her. He says they may return to the United Kingdom eventually. However, her life is here and he can’t ask her to give it up. John tells him he’s glad for him. Nick, Roger and Andy chime in with their congraluations.

His girlfriend walks in, wearing her new sundress and says hello. Simon walks up to her and introduces her. She turns to Simon and says she’s going to get the rest of her bags. John says she’s really beautiful. Simon grins and says she’s been waiting to hang out with them for months and that she has the entire day planned. Nick says it’s the first time he’s seen him this happy in a while. Simon nods and says it’s because of her.

Director: Russell Mulcahy Year: 1982

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