Video Review: Nicki Minaj “Megatron”

In a lavender lit hallway with scrawled flowers on the wall, Nicki Minaj dances

She sits on a table inside as her shirtless boyfriend kisses her neck by the indoor. He touches her stomach.

People dance in the lavender lit hallway.  Lit in scarlet red, her boyfriend stands behind her as she sits in front inside a room.

She treads water by the deck. Her boyfriend rubs his hands together as she holds her butt in the air.

A champagne glass overflows. Four glasses of liquor with flames over them sit on a table.

In the jungle, three women stand by a green Lamborghini. She walks out of the car, twirling her hair.

She straddles her boyfriend in the scarlet red lit room. She cuddles with her boyfriend in the water. She dances in front of a table while people drink behind her.

Her boyfriend, dressed in a shirt and jeans, stands by the window in the family room. She sprays the car with a hose and lights it on fire. She smiles as her boyfriend puts his face on her shoulder.

Rating: 0/5

Nicki Minaj excuses herself from her group of her friends as her boyfriend touches her back. They hold hands as they walk upstairs to the bedroom. In bed, she screams and moans while the music thunders throughout the house. Her boyfriend rolls over in bed and she says she wants to do it again.

One of her friends asks where Minaj went. A mutual friend shakes his head and says he doesn’t know. A third friend says she’s going to find some champagne. The mutual friend says they keep it upstairs. As the two friends past by the bedroom, they overhear the moans. The third friend says they know what they’re doing now.

A fourth friend washes her hands in the sink and watches as the toilet overflows. She runs back into the yard and says she has to talk to Minaj. The third friend says Minaj is sleeping with her boyfriend. The fourth friend says she might seen her assistant somewhere. The third friend says her assistant left to get more drinks. The fourth friend sits down on the lounge chair and says it’ll have to wait then.

Director: Mike Ho Year: 2019

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