Video Review: Mabel “Bad Behaviour”

Mabel holds onto her ponytail as she stands by a fence. She glances over her shoulder as she walks to the stage. She and her dancers perform the routine on stage. A sign states it’s the TRNSMT Festival.

Fans stand up and wait. Mabel holds her phone and drink as she continues to walk backstage. She smiles to one of her friends and takes her microphone. She walks to the stage and stands in the center with the dancers.

A stylist brushes her hair as she sits in a chair. She talks as her stylist applies eyeshadow over her eyes. A second stylist sprays her hair as she stands by a white wall. A stylist, wearing a mask, applies makeup on her face She talks with her manager as she walks.

Rating: 2/5

Mabel misses a step during practice and mutters under her breath. One of the dancers pats her on the shoulder and tells her she’s doing okay. Mabel shakes her head as she looks on the floor. The choreographer, noticing Mabel’s face, calls for a break. Mabel exits the studio and stands outside the building. She’ll never get the stupid routine down. Leaning her leg against the building, she scrolls through her social media. One of the dancers tells her it’s time to go back.

The choreographer pulls her aside and tells her the confidence will come in time. However, she has to try and not give up. Mabel responds with a faint “ok” and returns to the the floor. She watches the clock during rehearsal and walks out of the room with a quick goodbye to her dancers.

The TRNSMT Festival was a huge get. She was excited to found out she was going to be one of the acts. However, the meetings with the label about her numbers was adding to the pressure. Her manager was telling her she was doing fine. But with each week, she was worried about being dropped.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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