Video Review: Billy Squier “Rock Me Tonite”

Billy Squier lies shirtless across his bed. He sits up and finds his pants on the floor. He ties up the drawstring on his pants and puts on his t-shirt.

Standing in his bedroom, he begins wringing his hands and snapping his fingers. He dances to the closet and ruffles his hair. Turning around, he crawls on the floor and arches his pelvis. While kneeling, he throws up a t-shirt up in the air. He tears off his t-shirt.

Wearing a tank top over another pink pullover, he continues to snap his fingers. He dances on the windowsill. He climbs on top of the bed, flops and rolls over to the side. He sits by the the side of the bed.

He picks up his guitar and shouts into it as he stands by the closet

He and his band play in a glass room decorated with paintings. While dancing around the room, he waves his finger at his keyboardist and bumps his foot with the drummer. He and the band dance together.

Rating: 1/5

The synthesizer reaches its crescendo while Billy Squier gets dressed. Turning up the volume on his stereo, he puts one foot in front of the other as he shuffles to his closet. He climbs on top of the bed and jumps on it. His parents usually yelled at him whenever they caught him. However, he was an adult and was going to do what he wanted.

He picks out a crop top and tight shorts. Looking in the mirror, he rubs his chest and nods. He’s been working out after work and he thinks he has developed some muscle. A few gray hairs have appeared in his overnight. He pulls them out. Turning his head to the left and right, he checks his hairline. It doesn’t seem to be receding. He grabs a chunk of hair and is relieved to feel the thick texture between his fingers.

While he skips around the bedroom, he believes the day will turn out well. He got enough rest last night. The girl he likes is coming over later. In the afternoon, he’ll stop by the grocery store and pick up some food for dinner. He wants to impress her.

As he drives to the grocery store, he gets into an accident. It takes at least an entire two hours for him to give the police report and find a tow. It blocks traffic for hours. Back at home, he looks through his carryout menus and makes some calls. However, two of the restaruants recently closed. One of the diners says they are out of the specials. He tries to call her and cancel. But there’s no answer.

As he boils the spaghetti, the doorbell rings. He calls out that he’ll be there in a minute and opens the door. It’s his soon-to-be-girlfriend with a date. Her date shakes his hand and tells him he has a suitable place. He mumbles “thanks” and heads back to the kitchen. He puts his head in the washcloth and lets out a silent scream.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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