Video Review: Lizzo & Missy Elliott “Tempo”

A twentysomething man plays guitar on top of a truck parked at Lizzo’s restaurant. Two women talk to one another in the parking lot.

The customers lean over to watch her in their booth. Wearing a sequined bra, panties, a red cowboy hat, and a electric blue cape, a man films her on his phone as he walks ahead of her.

In the parking, she taps her breasts as she dances. Some women lean against the wall, shaking their butts. She shakes her butt at the entrance of the diner.

She watches a video of herself on her cell phone. Men gather behind her. She pushes one away.

People float over their cars.

A car drives by in the parking lot, its rims on fire. A second man opens the hood of his truck and Missy Elliott pops out of it. Elliott dances in the parking lot. She and Lizzo clap their hands. They walk to the center of the parking lot and leave together. Lizzo plays the flute.

Rating: 2/5

Lizzo says hello to her customers and poses for them in their films. She says an additional charge will be on their order for the film and it must be uploaded to the social media accounts. Her assistant asks a customer to move out of the seat as he films her.  Her phone vibrates from the millions of comments.

The news reporter asks her secret for building such a loyal following. Lizzo winks and dances in a video. She tells the reporter to save it for the article and that the video is going to be paying their bills for a long time. As she walks with the reporters, she says people have lined up to work at the diner. However, she has to turn most of them away. Most only want to be there to be famous.

She taps the hood of her Lamborghini and says she bought it all with influencer money. The news reporter asks her what she plans to do once the traffic dies down. Lizzo handwaves it, saying she’s a permanent brand now and that Google is going to be looking for to maintain their presence. The news reporter spots Missy Elliott. Lizzo waves to Elliott. Elliott offers a quote to the reporter and says goes to Lizzo’s diner all the time. Lizzo says she serves celebrities all the time. However, Elliott’s her favorite customer. The news reporter says she has enough and tells her she’ll be in contact if she has any more questions. Lizzo tells her goodbye and continues to talk with Elliott.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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