Video Review: Westlife “Swear It Again (US Version)”

Shane leans against the $5.99 sign at the car wash. Nathan, Brian, Mark and Kian join him by the tables. Kian reads a newspaper while he waits for a car. He sips his drink. Shane holds a rag in his hands and looks at the road. Kian and Shane kick a soccer ball.

They wash a car with their rags. A 18-year-old young woman gets out of her car and shows her a picture on her phone.

They stand in the car wash as hunter green lit water falls behind them.

Their female friends eat their ice cream and point at them. Mark and Kian spray their hoses at one another. Shane takes a bite of the 18-year-old young woman’s ice cream. Their girl friends perform a dance routine.

They each take turns sitting in the backseat of the car as it moves past the brushes.

Their female friends drive out of the car wash. Mark taps the hood as they leave. They wave goodbye to them.

Rating: 3/5

Mark stands by the sign, staring at the road. The car wash was slower than he thought. He and his friends planned to work there only for a couple months. However, he isn’t sure if he was going to make it past the first day.  Kian sits by the picnic table during his first break. Shane reads the newspaper and talks about the stocks with Nathan. Nathan gives him the sports page. Shane asks him not to throw it away. He’s going to make some notes.

At about noon, Mark’s girlfriend, the 18-year-old young woman, drives through the car wash with some of her friends. She asks if they are the first customers. He shakes his head and shows her his first tip. She give him a couple of dollars. One of their friends offers to bring them lunch.

The blonde young woman says she has a surprise for them. Off to the side, they perform a cheer. Kian and Brian clap for them between cars. The blonde young woman says they’ve been working on it all week. Kian says it was a really sweet thing to do. The brunette young woman says her parents are making her get a job, too for their trip. She rolls her eyes and says it’s not much money. However, her parents want her to learn how to budget.

Mark says he doesn’t understand why people complain about the job. It’s not that bad, really. Kian says his back hurts. Shane picks out the change and dollars in his pockets and says he can’t believe people only him a quarter. Brian says they barely made anything today and that it’s going to take them forever to make their goal. Mark says he’s quitting after three months. It’s the bare minimum his parents asked for and he’s not doing anymore past that.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 2000

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