Video Review: She Moves “Breaking All The Rules”

Daniella, Clara and Diana stand close together as they wait to get inside a club. A bouncer looks to his right as he guards the entrance.

Danielle knocks on a door.

Several twentysomething push past them and get inside the club. They try to get in but the bouncer holds them back. Diana hands him a picture of them and they sneak inside. The twentysomething man standing by the entrance point at them while they shout at the bouncer.

Danielle. Clara, and Diana stand in bathroom stalls.

They run in the hallway as the people storm past the bouncer. The bouncer curses as he looks around the club. Danielle, Clara and Danielle spot their doubles dancing on the couch and laugh. The bouncer follows them to the stairwell. They hide in the bathroom.

They dance in the bathroom stalls. Diana flexes her muscles as she opens the door. They pull at their lips as they look in the mirror. The bouncer stands behind them with his arms crossed. He chases them back up the stairs. They leave the club. The bouncer picks up a picture of them.

Rating: 1/5

Clara says they should just go find another bar. She’s cold and tired of standing. Danielle sighs and says the bouncer is a jerk. Diana shrugs and tells them it doesn’t matter. As a group of people are led inside, Diana pulls them down and they crouch as they walk down the hallway. Diana giggles and says it was too easy.

Danielle orders herself some shots and talks with several guys. Clara dances by the couch and takes the arm of a young woman’s boyfriend. The young woman shouts at her to back off. Diana gets on the stage and headbangs as the band performs. She slurs that she was only having fun as the two security guards carry off the stage.

Diana stumbles over to Clara and says the club is over. Danielle says she knows how they can get back at them. She says to follow her. At a payphone, she calls the police and reports she saw bartenders serving teenagers and they were overserving people. She sobs that so many people left in their cars, drunk. The police promise to be right over. They watch from across the street as three police cars park in the entrance. Danielle smiles and says that’s the end of them. Clara says they’ll reopen tomorrow. Diana bursts out laughing.

Diana walks past the club while shopping and spots the notice. The club had been closed. She calls Danielle on her payphone and tells her the good news. She adds that it serves them right. Diana says she’s going to miss the pretty boys. Danielle tells her they’ll find more at another bar tomorrow.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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