Video Review: Travis Scott “Wake Up”

Travis Scott walks in his driveway and sees dozens of people sleeping on the pavement. Walking into the home, he sees several more people asleep near a large window. As he walks over a young woman, the glitter from her dress starts to rise in the air.

In the kitchen, people sleep on their plates. Scott holds up a young man’s arm and it falls back on the table. The glasses and silverware float on the table. Scott walks behind a chair and levitates. The champagne from the glass streams in the air.

Crows land on people while a helicopter flies by the roof.

Traces of sweat gather off of people’s sleeping bodies as they lay on the chairs. He smacks the pool table with his hand. He checks another man’s hand for a pulse and picks up a clock from the table. He carries it with him as heads towards another room. It leaves his hands as he floats.

He types on his cell phone as he lands on the floor. The columns in the mansion burn. The people sleeping dissolve into fragments. A sculpture in the garden cracks. The streams of champagne contain him as he levitates over the pool.

Rating: 4/5

Travis Scott calls out for help. The people in his county had disappeared. He had checked his phone for updates. However, the reporters had stopped posting. He reads the list of suspected missing people and sees at least hundreds of reporters added to it.

Some parts of the United States were abandoned, their population less than half than of what was before. Most of the East Coast had remained intact. Scott posted online for some information. A majority of the most popular websites were shut down. The people who were left had managed to set up a system for communication. However, it was still glitchy and given the algorithm-driven search engines, the access to it was limited.

The wealthy people he had encountered in the mansion, had stopped paying attention a long time ago. They believed they wouldn’t be affected. One their phones, he found condescending memes towards the poor. Champagne was splattered on the floor, staining the cross stitches within the carpet.

The stream of champagne protected him as the mansion burned. In the air, he sees the fragments of people spin and break apart. They were the ones who were supposed to save them. They had been the ones calling for change. They meant none of it. The champagne stream leads him to a metropolitan area and drops him on the ground. A thirtysomething man asks him if he’s okay. Scott says he’s fine and wants to know where he is. The thirtysomething man tells him he’s somewhere in the Midwest and takes him to one of the few functioning hospitals.

Director: Jonah Hill Year: 2019


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