Video Review: & Britney Spears “Scream & Shout”

Against a black background, raises his head. Britney Spears put her black-gloved hands in front of her face against a white background.

Multiple will.i.ams spin against the white background. Multiples of Spears stand and turn, some posing while others have their hands on their hips. stands in front of a projection of a computer screen. In the middle of the triangle, he presses buttons on the screen.

Spears turns on a white platform while dances against the white background.

Multiples of dance on a black conveyor belt inside a machine. Spears stands next to him. shows his Scream and Shout ring on his fingers.

On a canary yellow cellphone, a video of plays on a table. A canary yellow camera is displayed next to it.

Several dancers perform a routine against the white background.

The lyrics read out on a screen attached to a typewriter. A person touches a metal hand. The robot breaks against a mirror., wearing a golden King hat, sits in a mirrored room lit with white lights. It rotates to black light.

A machine creates a mold of a face. Two liquor glass smash and break. Multi-colored buttons on a panel blink.

Against the white background, a young woman carries an axe and hits a golden discoball. dances at the club. The people look up from their phones.

Against the white background, a person finishes an exclamation on the wall. Spears turns to see the message, “Britney Bitch!”

A Beats By Dre speaker explodes. Smoke emits from the speaker. leans against the hood of a sportscar. The golden discoball turns while on fire. Several people bob their heads, including, through a canary yellow hole in the wall.’s face blends with the golden discoball. A second young man shoots glitter through a gun. shoots water at a golden statue. A net gets wrapped around it.

Rating: 3/5

Each multiple of and Britney Spears scans through the system. The data returns to the main office, where it is analyzed and processed. The programmers determine a flaw in’s wiring and hand it in to their manager. Their manager approves the project and tells them they will a have meeting tomorrow.

The second set of programmers believe the Britney Spears model has been perfected and can be sent to the merchandising department. The merchandising department asks to see the models. A marketing person reads through the materials and wants to visit the factory where they are made.

At the factory, the programmers explain production has slowed down at the moment. The model was their most ambitious model yet and they are still working on it. The merchandising department asks to see the previous models.

As they walk through the display area, they inquire about the lesser models. A programmer says they are the prototypes. The merchandiser takes some photos and says it’s something they can bring up to corporate if the idea takes off. The programmer pulls out a Britney Spears model and explains how it works. The merchandising team nods and says that corporate is going to love it.

Director: Ben Mor Year: 2012

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