Video Review: Carly Simon “Coming Around Again”

Carly Simon walks down the hallway of her home. Framed photos line the wall. She sits on the couch and watches family videos on the television. Her dad puts on his camera around his neck. As babies, she and her sister play in the backyard. Her older sister fixes her baby sister’s hair.

While on the couch, she smiles at her husband. She talks with him.

Wearing a dress, she tells her mom to stop filming. One of her sisters jump ropes. Two of her sisters walk in a circle with their baby sister. Her family spend the day at the park.

She rests her head on her husband’s shoulder as he reads a book. She takes the book out of his hands and rubs his shoulder. He reaches for his book. She kisses his ear.

As adults, she and one of her sisters walk in the ocean at the beach. Her husband tosses her the Frisbee. She plays baseball on the lawn. She kisses her husband on the sand. She pets their dog.

Wearing a black dress, she dances in the family room by herself.

In the video, she curtsies on the porch and bumps her porch on the column.

Rating: 3/5

Carly Simon arranges the pillows on the couch. She fixes the curtains by the window. At around 6 p.m., she makes dinner for herself and reads a magazine. She finds a carton of ice cream in the freezer and sets up the projector. There were so many videos of her family to watch.

She wipes away a tear as her dad picks her up in the backyard. Her father would be hurting with her right now. He really loved her husband. They would go to baseball games together and fishing. He introduced to his son-in-laws and helped him become a part of the family. In the videos, her husband had been unable to take his hands off her. They were together in every frame.

On their 10th anniversary, she made his favorite dinner and set out the family videos. He hadn’t been wanting to go out lately. However, as they watched, he started to read a book. She began to kiss him. But he rebuffed each time, saying he was tired. She sat back and asked him if he remembered them going to the beach. He shook his head and responded, “vaguely.” She continued to watch the video, knowing her marriage was over.

Being single again was an adjustment. Although, she believed she might find someone again. She’d like to get married again and have children. She had gone out one some dates. But she hadn’t fallen in love. She had learned not to set any timetables for it to happen. She answers the phone. A young man asks how she’s doing. She grins. It was one of her sister’s friends. He had been interested in her for a while. She had separated at the and hadn’t allowed herself to feel anything for him. However, she liked his company. They arrange a date for the movies on Friday.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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