Video Review: Twenty One Pilots “The Hype”

Tyler stands on the road of a suburban neighborhood and opens his t-shirt. Inside his body, Josh and Tyler play in a family room. Their classmates sit on the carpet, talking while they continue to play. Josh watches as Tyler unplugs the guitar and walks to the garage.

Tyler and Josh play in the garage. A group of people stands outside, listening to them. Tyler puts his guitar down and climbs a ladder to the attic.

They play on the roof of the home. Almost a hundred people dance to their music on the lawn.Parts of the roof blow up. Tyler falls into the family room.

Josh and Tyler continue to play in the family room. Pieces of the roof lift up in the air and repairs itself. The crack in the mirror disappears. Josh takes yellow tape and puts some in the corner of a picture hanging on the wall. He looks out the window.

Tyler closes his shirt. Josh hands him some coffee and they walk together on the street.

Rating: 2/5

Tyler sips his drink and tells Josh they should by his parents’ house. They found some of his old toys and want him to go through it before the garage sale. Tyler’s mom gives them both hugs as they walk inside. They ask if they ate anything. Josh says they had some snacks to eat beforehand. Tyler’s mom tells her she’ll make them something quick and asks them if spaghetti is okay.

During dinner, Tyler’s dad asks them how their music is going. Josh responds they’ve been getting some bites. However, they are only playing for fun. Tyler says they can’t keep up with the comments on their social media anymore. He had to shut his notifications off. His mom says they should pursue it and at least try. Tyler says they prefer being independent. Josh is going to get married soon and Tyler likes having a steady job.

Tyler fills a bag of some of his figurines and says he’ll be over next weekend. Josh says that he’ll call tomorrow morning about their garage door. He thinks he knows what’s wrong. Tyler’s mother tells him he’s a godsend. They wave goodbye and walk back to their homes further down the block.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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