Video Review: Sade “By Your Side”

Sade stands in by a tree in the forest. Walking barefoot, she plucks a glistening cherry from the tree. Turning around, she sees the amber sun as it sets in the sky. The leaves on the tree sparkle as she sits on the ground.

Carrying a small bag, she walks in the forest. She smiles as she sees the city in the distance. During the night, she lies on a fallen tree limb and runs her hand in the stream. She catches a firefly in her hand. While the wind blows, she plucks a lavender rose from the ground.

She holds the rose over head as it snows and puts it in her bag. A seventysomething couple dances while two 10-year-old girls watch them as they eat. In a tree, several men play their instruments as they sit on branches. She dances by the ladder attached to the tree.

In the night, she walks by the golden brush. During the day, she dances in the field of flowers. She walks on a tangerine path towards the city.

Standing on an island in the city, she holds up the rose to the cars as they pass by her. She locks the eyes with the driver of the car.

Rating: 3/5

Sade pets a mouse on the sidewalk. The mouse sleeps her in hand as she sits against an graffitied building. The mouse cuddles by her as she cleans her feet with a cloth. There was much to improve with the city. The magic had been lost to greed. She had touched the heads of those in the street to heal their troubles. A man had stopped coughing and called her an angel. She responded that she only believed in the human race.

A young woman lets her into the car. Sade nods her head and tells her she’s headed to north. The young woman asks here where she lives. She says somewhere hidden. The young woman raises her eyebrows and continues to drive. The young woman was without hope. Sade tells the young woman she’ll find her path. The young woman responds to just let her know when to turn or stop.

Sade points to a hotel and tells the young woman she has discovered her kingdom. The young woman tells her that she hopes she has a nice stay and peels off. As she waves goodbye, sparkles land on the car. The desk clerk tells her hello. She puts her hand on her heart and the desk clerk says he has found her reservation. He beckons a bellboy to help her with her bags. She whispers a prayer under her breath and blesses the hotel as she walks to the elevator.

In her room, the lavender rose blooms in its vase. The peoples’ lives are changing for the better. She closes her eyes and summons the goddess of the Earth.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2000

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