Video Review: Avril Lavigne “I Fell In Love With A Devil”

Wearing a red gown, Avril Lavigne walks in the cemetery at dusk.

In a black dress, she drives a hearse. She adjusts her mirror and runs over scattered pages of notebook paper.

Wearing a white lace dress, she lays in a coffin.

She plays piano near some gravestones while wearing the red gown. A young man walks towards her.

Holding a cross, she stands in the cemetery.

The young man puts his arms around her. They dance. Lightning strikes as she plays the piano. A young man hits the coffin with an axe.

She continues to walk in the cemetery at night.

Rating: 3/5

Avril Lavigne gasps as she lies in the coffin. She places her hands on the glass and touches her dress. Her body weak, she can only lift her finger to the glass. It limped her to side as she turned to her side. The last thing she remembers was him putting him his arms around her.

A craving soars through her and fangs grow in her mouth. A renewed strength allows her to break through the glass. She leaps onto the ground and sniffs the rabbits near some of the bushes. The humanity drains from her as she hunts the rabbit. The young man finds her by the tree and holds her hand.

He was a monster. Surviving numerous centuries on the blood of others, he had believed the world was his. At some point she said yes. He told her he was saving her. She didn’t try to pull him off her. There was no one else she wanted. She had questioned who she was, knowing she loved him. He liked to toy with her family, reminding him of his power and what he could to do to them. They pleaded with her to withdraw from him. She told him she couldn’t.  Her family sought out spells and curses. However, he was immune from them.

He runs his head through her hair and says it’s time to learn the ways of her life and leads her back into town.

Director: Elliott Lester Year: 2019

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