Video Review: Captain Hollywood Project “More and More”

Lit in a sepia tone, Captain Hollywood peers through the fence as he walks on the sidewalk. He views a group of men beating up another man.

In black-and-white, he walks into the office of the radio station. He views two executives throwing things at one another. He sees a male editor stand in front of an intern, putting her down as he holds up shredded tapes. He shakes his head. Walking past another office, he sees a young woman talking on the phone and tossing her papers in the air.

On an empty stage, Captain Hollywood and several male dancers perform a routine. He sings into a microphone.

At work, he talks into the microphone during his shift.

Nina performs on stage with him.

Back in black-and-white, he takes some papers from the young woman. He passes Nina in hallway.

Back in the sepia tone, he glances at a second young woman as she stands by the fence.

Nina joins in the routine on stage.

In black-and-white, he sits with Nina and some friends on the steps of a building.

Rating: 3.5/5

Captain Hollywood gulps as he sits in his boss’ office. His boss tells he does a really great job on air. He consistently receives high ratings and the most calls. However, his boss adds, he has to tone down his opinions. Whenever people listen to his show, they don’t want to hear about events. They want to play games and say hello to their friends on-air. Captain Hollywood says he’ll stick to the contests and jokes. The boss tells him that’s good.

While passing in the hallway, his friend, who works as a news editor, asks him how it went. He says he didn’t get fired. His friend tells him she was worried. She says it’s a shame he can’t talk about the stories he reports. Captain Hollywood asks if she’s going to his show over the weekend. She says that she’ll be there.

Nina, a reporter, says she’ll get them out of there. She hands him a cassette tape and says he may find something on there to use. He tells her he’ll listen to it after work. During a concert, he stands backstage with the band. The lead singer asks him when he’s going to open for them. He says he’s working on it. Although they way work is going, it may happen sooner. The drummer wants to know if he was able to contact their manager. He says they’ve been talking and explains that Nina’s been pushing him. The lead singer tells him to listen to Nina.

He walks up on stage and introduces the band. The lead singer says the name of the city as he walks backstage.

Director: Bruce Ashley Year: 1992

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