Video Review: Kaskade & Meghan Trainor “With You”

An animated cat woman flies a spaceship. She looks over her shoulder and sees several spaceships behind her. She presses her hands onto two buttons on the control panel. The three spaceships engulf in an aqua bubble.

Stars blinks on the foreheads of two male and female three-eyed aliens (Kaskade and Meghan Trainor). One of the stars break through the bubble. The cat woman lands in the desert. Changing into night, she floats into the sky and becomes a streak of light.

The streak of light becomes an eye. Three pink lips sing in the night sky. The lips transform into throbbing red hearts.

Closing her eyes, the cat woman flies across the sky inside the streak of light. A hand tries to grab it. The light dissolves into a fist and becomes a fish. She opens her eyes as she returns to the desert. A hungry rabbit cries at the dead flowers. She starts to sob. The three-eyed aliens float in a star and she smiles. They use their power to create a flower. The cat woman gives the three-eyed female alien the flower from her hair.

A pair of pink lips sing as vines grow near it. The three-eyed aliens use their hands to grow a thick vine. Flowers bloom and the crack in the ground is repaired. Rainbows spill from the female three-eyed alien’s two eyes. The rainbows create a stream. Trees grow in the forest. The earth, a barren brown, becomes lush with greens and blues.

The two three-eyed aliens and the cat woman sit on the grass, their eyes closed.

Rating: 4/5

The cat woman pets the malnourished rabbit. She searches her pocket for some food and gives him some. The rabbit was the only sign of life she had seen. Earth had been thriving with color and beauty. As she floats, she views the decimation of countries. In the shadows, she sees an faint outline of the United States. Some states had broken off into separate islands.

The three-eyed aliens believe it’s time to start another civilization. They recreate the Earth with forestry and rivers. Although they build skyscrapers, they limit to major cities. They remembered how it was. While the Earth was in its final stages, they surveyed it as the flew into a random city in the United States. Their appearance had to be quick. Some people knew of their existence. They returned to their home plant and developed plans for growth in the United States. They tended to the endangered species as much as they could. Their hearts broke whenever a species was extinct.

They hadn’t seen any person in years attempt to land on Earth. It was considered inhabitable. However, some people it was exaggerated and quickly left once they saw the remains. But the cat woman had stayed. They had to help her. She says it’s as beautiful as she imagined. The female three-eyed alien says their magic limited them. Creating some landmarks had almost killed them. It took too much power. However, they have been finding pages from books and some paintings.

The cat woman picks some vegetables in her garden and chops them in her home. Her neighbor waves to her as she takes a walk. People started to arrive on Earth once they saw the color again. They began to work with the aliens and helped build. The cat woman presents her ticket as she walks into the statue of the two three-eyed aliens. She buys a replica of the statue and places it on her mantle.

Director: Robin Eisenberg Year: 2019

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