Video Review: Berlin “Take My Breath Away”

In a clip from the 1986 film, Top Gun, a flag hangs in a classroom. Maverick (Tom Cruise) clicks his pen as he sits at his desk. The teacher, Charlie (Kelly McGillis), turns around. Goose (Anthony Edwards) takes off his sunglasses.

At night, Terri stands inside a fighter jet on a naval base.

In a clip, Charlie talks to Maverick in class. She hands him a note, stating “Dinner 5:30 SHARP 100 Laurel Beach classified.” He rides his motorcycle to her house.

During sunset, Terri stands on an airplane and waves a cloth in the air. She lets it go. John sits inside a plane. Rob gives him some dog tags.  Terri walks in the aircraft boneyard.

In a clip, Charlie follows Maverick down the hallway. Maverick drives off in his motorcycle. Charlie puts her head down. Maverick speeds down the street in his motorcycle. Charlie slams her car door shut as she argues with Maverick on the street. She and Maverick kiss. Maverick wears his helmet as he sits in the fighter jet.

Lit in aquamarine, several men stand on the airplane. Terri walks back towards the plane. They fade away.

Rating: 3/5

Terri unscrews a part from a retired plane and puts in her bag. She scours another airplane for parts. John and Rob break down a destroyed plane and place it in the scrap heap. Rob shows her some dog tags. It was from someone they knew years ago.

She had lived everywhere as a child. Her father had been in the Air Force and with each new assignment, it was a different place to live. Every summer, she and her family would watch their father fly in the air show. She had tugged on her mother’s sleeve and pointed at the plane, telling her, “I want to do that.”

In her 20s, she had completed training and was testing aircraft. A failed romance with a colleague, though, had almost derailed her career. He had been her superior. However, she cared about him. She stayed in California longer than intended to be with him. Some days, she was only to speak a few words to him. However, when he called her into his office, they were able to be together.

Their relationship had continued until 1992 While serving in the Gulf War, he had experienced post-traumatic stress disorder. He was never the same. She had gone grocery shopping and called out his name once she returned home. He was nowhere to be found. She waited out the 24 hours and placed a missing persons report with the police. To this day, she was unsure if he was alive or dead.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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