a young man leans against the car with a young woman

Video Review: Chris Brown & Drake “No Guidance”

At night, Chris Brown leans against his car inside a parking structure and watches the ambulance speed on the street below.

Drake comments to Chubbs, “that there are so many vibes in here.” He waves his finger, adding, “it’s going to go down. I promise you.” They pass by Brown. Brown talks to his friend. His friend says “it’s about to get crazy tonight.” Brown responds that “I’m not worried about him” and checks out some young women who walk by him.

Drake says to Chubbs, “okay” and lets some women walk ahead of him. He tells them “enter at your own risk.”

A young woman smiles as she leans against her car with Drake.

Drake dances against a violet background.

Three young women carry shopping bags as they walk on the sidewalk. One young woman pulls a string of her gum from her mouth. The three young women slap their butts against a car.

Brown talks to a second young women. He sings against a red background. He and his friends perform a dance routine in the center of the parking structure. Brown catches up the second young woman and puts his arm around her. While he talks with the second young woman, another friend taps his arm. Brown looks over at Drake. Drake leaves his group of friends and meets Brown in the center.

A little kid runs up between them and says “he told me to tell you that you the type to Instagram your breakfast in the morning.” Brown shakes his head and responds, “no, I don’t.” The little kid asks him “what’s it gonna be?” Brown whispers in his ear. The little boy declares “a dance battle!” The people cheer. Drake says “I got this, it’s all good.”

Brown performs his dance routine. Drake responds with a mocking “ooh, wow, Chris Brown dancing, it’s extraordinary” and guffaws to himself. He asks the little kid “who’s time is it now?” The little kid says “Drake.”

Drake walks around and says “that’s right, boy.” He asks once one of his friends to play music from his phone. Drake types in the passcode and then paces, saying “I don’t even need music.” He adds, “don’t forget that you request this, 106.7 and Park. You know what’s coming out first, the Snake.” He moves his arm towards Brown. Brown rolls his eyes as Drake says “I’m 360 with this.” The people cringe and walk away. Drake pretends to take Brown’s heart out his chest and puts it back. He tells Brown that “you’re the real deal. I got to give it to you.” Brown says that his dancing “was really bad.” Drake says that he has to go. Brown says they’ve got to stick together.

Rating: 2/5

Chris Brown drops a glass of vodka on the floor. Drake stumbles and picks up the some pieces. Brown laughs, “I got you doing things for me.” Drake responds that he doesn’t mind. He’d rather not fight with any longer. Brown handwaves it, saying it’s ancient history but remarks he knows some other ex-girlfriends he want to go after.” Drake nods and says they’ll talk later as one of his friends calls him over.

Drake isn’t sure what to make Brown. Although they are getting along, Brown seemed to be holding onto the grudge. He’d like to tell him he’s truly not a threat and wouldn’t even try to talk to her. The one girl they liked has moved on and left them both a long time ago. However, he knew they both missed her. Brown, regardless of their history, would always see her as his. Drake knew he blew it ages ago. But Brown had no interest in talking about it, though.

Chubbs watches Brown in the corner, talking with some young women. Drake stands with him, laughing. Chubbs notices the flashes from a few cameras. Chubbs puts his head into his hands. Brown is going to Drake down with him. Chubbs texts him that they have to get going. Drake texts back “give me five more minutes.” Chubbs sighs and stands in the corner. He orders a drink and waits.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2019


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