Video Review: Gwen Stefani “Early Winter”

In black-and-white, Gwen Stefani lies on the floor, wearing a wedding dress.

She hugs her knees while she leans against the wall.  She pushes up her hair in the mirrored bathroom.

Lit in a hushed red, she steps on the sidewalk after the taxi drops her off. She talks with her husband.

The lights blink in the bathroom as snowflakes fall on her hair.

She carries her handbag as she walks in the street. A graffitied bus passes by her. She sits on a bench in the station.

Wearing her wedding dress, she and her husband run in the hallway of their home.

She chases the subway as it arrives on the platform. While rose petals fall, she spins around in her wedding dress near a golden door. She lifts up a handful of rose petals and holds them to her chin.

Her husband lifts her up and spins her in the hallway.

Snow falls in the room with the room with a golden door.

Wearing a Dolce & Gabbana gown, she watches as white feathers fall onto the floor. She runs in the house and glances back inside.

Rating: 3.5/5

Gwen Stefani walks up the stairs to the sidewalk as she leaves the subway. She checks the addresses for the realtor. Shielding her eyes, she looks across the street and sees the sign. While waiting at the crosswalk, a young man talks to her. She grins and tells him it’s a beautiful day. He asks her for coffee. She glances at her ringless finger and says she can’t. He nods and says it was nice meeting her.

The realtor asks her what’s she looking for. She says she’d like to live in an apartment again and the realtor says she can take her some places. The realtor explains the first apartment would be perfect for a newly single person such as herself. It’s quiet and close to many of the office buildings in the area. She says she’ll keep it in mind but there are a few more she’d like to see.

Back at home, her husband continues to drink his cocktail while he watches television. She sits at the kitchen table, eating yogurt and notices the divorce papers. Walking into the family room, she holds up the papers and says they were at least trying to work things out. He tells her they are not going through it again. Tears sting her eyes as she cries out to him to “talk to me!” He says there is nothing to talk about. She stands in front of the television and using her fingers, states there’s his job, finding a place to vacation, what he plans to do tomorrow. He tells her she’s causing him to miss his show.

Walking back to the kitchen, she slams divorce papers onto the table and sobs on the floor. They were going to make it this time. They were going to be in love again. Their maid excuses herself as she walks in the door. She wipes her face with a napkin and heads upstairs to one of the guest rooms.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2008

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