Video Review: Shakespear’s Sister “Stay”

A shooting star flies in the sky as Marcella tends to a young man in a hospital bed. She puts his hand to her chest while the respirator breathes for him. She rests his head on his bare chest. Over a bucket of water, she wrings out a cloth and cleans his arm. She kisses her hand.

Her eyes widen as she stares into the flash of light and sees the angel of death (Siobhan) dancing and cackling. As she approches the hospital bed, the young man’s heart rate races while he convulses. Marcella strokes his hair. He turns his head to her and Siobhan licks her lips. Marcella wails as he lies unresponsive and pushes Siobhan away. They both tug at his arms. Siobhan touches his chest and puts herself on his body. Marcella hangs onto her and puts her hands on the young man’s hips. The young man wakes him as Siobhan hugs him. Marcella rolls her eyes and walks back up the stairs.

Rating: 5/5

Marcella tucked the Do Not Resuscitate papers in purse. He had a 30% chance of coming out the coma. She was not giving up on him. As she cleans his body, she tells him about her day. She says she bought a new home for them and tells him some his co-workers sent him a card. She reads it out loud to him.

The white light blinds her. She gasps as she watches the angel of death grin and dance while his breathing becomes labored. She calls out “no!” as the angel of death flings herself against him. The angel of death tells Marcella that she has to take him and mentions her family is going to love him. Marcella pushes her against the wall. The angel of death comments that she didn’t think she had it in her. However, it’s not up to her. She’s following orders. Marcella says she won’t let him go.

The young man opens his eyes and asks her who she is. Marcella tells that she’s his girlfriend and it’s all okay now. The young man wraps his arms around her, saying her soothing voice saved him. Although he has no idea of his name, he knows that she was meant for him. She’s a true angel.

The angel of death puts her finger in her mouth and gags. She groans and thinks the two deserve each other. He seems like such a sap, anyway. She could’ve introduced him to a new world and started over. He was far more wholesome than she expected. But there’s a guy a few houses over who’s really gorgeous and she’d rather him instead.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 1992

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