Video Review: Ariana Grande & Social House “Boyfriend”

Ariana Grande stares at Mikey and Scootie while sitting on a couch inside their home. Mikey gestures for Scootie to get off his chair. Scootie folds his arms across his chest.

She walks into the party and sees Mikey talking to a young woman. Mikey glances over at her and she takes her sunglasses. She taps a guy on the shoulder and hugs him, looking at Mikey, who continues to talk with the young woman. She pushes people out of the way, breaks into a run and attacks the young woman.

She rests her head on Scootie’s leg while he sits on the couch.

She starts to pulling at the young woman’s hair and screaming. Scootie gasp and films the fight on his cell phone. Shaking her head, she continues to watch them talk and walks out of the room.

On the staircase. she watches talk with a second young woman. She grabs her bow and leaps over the railing. The second young woman screams as the arrow cuts into her hand. She points to him and he grins. She turns away from them.

Scootie talks to both of him as he sits in his chair. Mikey cuddles next to her on the couch.

She waves to him as she talks to a young man. Mikey sips his drink and rolls his eyes.  They dance and Mikey beats him up. He takes out his heart. The young man drops dead on the floor. She shoves the young man away and opens her jacket. She points the two pink hearts on her breasts and shoots streaks of light. He nods and she winks at him.

She takes his hand and they make out in the bathroom. Scootie walks into the bathroom and notices the broken vases. He shrugs and leaves.

Rating: 3/5

The young man twirls Ariana Grande as they dance. However, she knows the only reason she’s paying attention to him is because Mikey is with another girl. At some point or another, a person has become a part of the drama. He texts Mikey that wasn’t intending to pursuing anything with Grande.

The first young woman smiles as she listens to Mikey talk about Grande. She tells him she’ll say yes if he asks her out. Mikey says he isn’t sure. The young woman spots Grande staring at them. She adds that Grande cares but may not ready to admit it yet.

Grande, with her hands on her hips, walks over to the second young woman and tells her that her glass looks empty and she’s being thirsty. The second young woman shrugs and tells her that her status is listed as single. Scootie rushes over and says he needs to talk with Mikey and Grande.

In the family room, Scootie says he’s getting texts from everyone. They have to talk. Grande says Mikey hasn’t indicated he wants anything other than sex. Mikey responds that he wants to make the decision herself. They are both single. However, he won’t stop talking to other young women if they are interested. Grande sighs. Scootie says he’s going to leave them alone.

Mikey and Grande kiss in the bathroom. She says she wants to be with him. Mikey nods and says it’s what he wants, too. He helps her get up and takes her hand. They hold hands and he introduces her to his friends as his girlfriend.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2019

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