Video Review: Billy Joel “Uptown Girl”

A tow truck pulls up into the auto repair shop. Three mechanics work on the cars. Billy Joel slicks back his hair and loosens his shirt on his break. He takes a magazine and talks about the model on the cover with his co-workers. They approach the luxury vintage car as it parks by the garage.

The young woman (Christie Brinkley) sits in the backseat and watches Joel as he walks around the car. Two of the mechanics clean the windows. The young woman rolls down the window and steps out of the car. Joel and the mechanics follow her around in the parking lot.

The young woman fixes her pantyhose while two young men stand by the motorcycles and comb their hair. She smiles as she walks past Joel. Two 15-year-old young men dance. She links her arm with Joel’s and walks with him back into the garage. They drive off in his motorcycle.

Rating: 3/5

Billy Joel adjusts his tie and sighs. The young woman (Christie Brinkley) whispers to him to stop fidgeting. He shakes the hand of a local politician and tells him that he voted for him. The local politician nods and turns to the young woman. The local politician says he hasn’t seen around her much lately. The young woman explains she’s been on a road trip with her boyfriend. The local politician glares at him and says he has to talk to other people. The young woman waves goodbye.

The young woman shudders while they sit at their table. She comments that the local politician has been after her for years. She went to college with him and her parents had tried to get her to date him. She had told them no. However, he had continued to ask her out, despite being married. She says she can’t stand these parties. But it’s for her parents’ organization and she has to support them. She thanks him putting up with the snobs all evening. He says he’s fine with it.

She congratulates her father on his speech and tells them they have to get going. Joel has to work early in the morning. Her father says they could both make important connections by staying. She holds Joel’s hand and says none are necessary. She hugs her mother goodbye and tells them she’ll talk to them later.

At the diner, she bites into a hamburger and says that’s so good. She puts her hamburger down and says that chicken was gross with the cream on it. Joel thought it was okay. She says it was trash and that it shouldn’t have been served at all. Joel admits it was a bit gross as he steals one of her fries.

Director: N/A Year: 1983

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