Video Review: Angelica “Angel Baby”

In black-and-white, Angelica dances in a studio.

She leans against a white column, wearing an off-shoulder dress, and tugs at her necklace. A long-haired twentysomething man’s face appears.

She sits on her balcony and looks out. She walks down the river. Wearing a black leather jacket. she leans against the red painted elevator and takes it to the first floor. Standing on her floor, she stares at him as he takes the elevator.

Riding his motorcycle, he circles her as she stands in the parking lot at night. She walks away and he stops his motorcycle by her. She gets on the backseat and he drives off.

Rating: 1/5

He was at least a decade older. Women were in and out of his apartment building. They wore leather miniskirts and low-cut bra tops. Angelica, in her daisy print sundress, stared at the floor, knowing he wouldn’t even glance at her. Her mother usually shook her head whenever they passed by his apartment and remarked that he was a do-nothing sleaze. Angelica pointed out that they never really talked to him. Her mother tells her to stay away.

While walking on the way to school, he calls out to her and asks if she needs a ride. She tried to form words and managed to squeak out a “yes.” He patted the seat and asked her to get on. Her arms shaking, she placed her legs over his bike. He said she could put her arms around him if she liked. She put her hands on his shoulders and let the wind hit her hair.

At school, her friends want to know who the guy is. She grins and says it’s her neighbor. Her friends that he’s hot and she’s lucky to have gotten his attention. During class, she daydreams about going out on a date with him. She wants him to be her first. However, the sundresses and t-shirts were childish. She heads to a lingerie store and buys bra tops and a leather jacket.

She fluffs her hair and puts on her leather jacket. Her mother demands that she go back to her room to change. She says “no” and she’s an adult. Her mother says the neighbor is only going to hurt her. She shouts that she doesn’t care and will do whatever she wants. Her mother, in a quiet voice, tells her to please be safe. She says she’ll be perfectly fine and slams the door.

Director: N/A Year: 1991

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