Video Review: OneRepublic “Rescue Me”

In Silverton, Oregon, a 13-year-old boy (Cody Bingham) runs on a trail in Silver Falls State Park. Four 17-year-old boys, wearing masks, chase him on their bicycles.

A person takes a “Rescue Me” novel off the table.

He makes a turn to the right. The 17-year-old boy, wearing a golden mask, pauses to glance around and continues to ride his bicycle. They follow back to his American flag painted home. He stands in the street and stares at them. Balling his hand into a fist, he starts to dance. He kicks his leg and one of the 17-year-old boys gets knocked off his bicycle. He runs off again and the three 17-year-old boys follow him again.

He walks in the field and gazes at the waterfall. The painted red stripe on his home lights up. The leaves rise. He closes his eyes.

Back at home, he takes out another 17-year-old boy. His next door neighbor’s fence falls from the impact. One Republic and their friends stare at him. Several of his classmates join him as he dances in the street. A third 17-year-old boy gets thrown against the windshield of a car, cracking it. The second 17-year-old boy gets tossed from his bicycle. He stares at the 17-year-old boy, wearing a golden mask. The 17-year-old boy takes off his golden mask and leaves. The 13-year-old boy picks up his mask and watches him.

Rating: 3.5/5

The 13-year-old boy talks with one of his friends during a group project. His male classmate suggests that he can draw the map. The 13-year old boy nods, saying it’s a good idea and says he’ll talk about the economy for the project. A female classmate says she’ll create the tests. He says they can meet at his house over the weekend to work on it.

Walking home from school, he talks with crush. She lived only a few doors away. He always thought she didn’t like him. However, she said she was glad when he came out of his shell. She added she was proud of him when he defended himself against the seniors. He says he had to help repair the fence and car windshield, though. His crush says but it was good they finally left him alone.

The 13-year-old boy waves goodbye and opens the door of his home. The dog runs over to him, its tail tipping a vase on the table. He creates a forcefield to put it back in its spot and damages the table. His mother sighs and tells him he can’t use powers for everything. He apologizes while he rubs his dog’s ears. She says she appreciates the help but he is stronger than he realizes.

Director: Christian Lamb Year: 2019

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