Video Review: Bananarama “Cruel Summer”

Keren, Sara, and Siobhan, wearing overalls, long-sleeved white shirts and hats, bump against one another as they stand by a railing overlooking New York City, New York. They walk on the sidewalk and clap their hands.

Keren works on the engine of a hair. A sign flips, stating the price of the gas at the station. Siobhan cleans the window. They sit on a ledge and swing their legs. In their overalls, they skip and dance in the parking lot. They walk up a fire escape.

Siobhan makes a call on a payphone. She puts her hands on her hips and Keren and Sara turn around from the pumps. Keren taps Siobhan’s arm and they turn to watch the semi-truck. They jump up and down towards the semi-truck. The sign flips to “closed.” Sara opens the door and they dance on the step of the car. The police command them to leave the truck.

Sara puts a Bananarama sticker in the window of the semi-truck as they sit crammed in the backseat. They eat bananas and toss them at the police car following them. One of the police officers call for backup. They wave to the truck driver as he drops them off.

At night, they dance with the truck driver and police officers on the roof.

Rating: 4/5

Sara rubs the fiftysomething police officer’s head during their rooftop party. The fiftysomething police officer says they are really fun. Keren and Siobhan dance by him. Siobhan tells the twentysomething police officer that she can take a look at his car. He puts his arm around as they walk.

Siobhan pulls up the hood and listens as he turns on the engine. She says it sounds fine and it may just need an oil change. The police officer tips his hat at her and gives her kiss. Siobhan asks if they are still in trouble. The twentysomething officer says their tickets have been ripped up already.

The truck driver thanks them for the party and says he’ll be back in a few weeks. Keren gives him a hug and tells him they are going for drinks once he gets back. Sara asks if he’ll give her a ride home. She has to wake up early tomorrow. Siobhan tells her to call in. Sara says she can’t. She needs the money. Keren tells she’s going to be missing out on the fun.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1983

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