Video Review: Lewis Capaldi “Someone You Loved (Version 2)”

Wearing golden glittering winged glasses, Lewis Capaldi sings in the bathroom. Shirtless, he stands in shirtless, wearing alien eyed shaped glasses.

Wearing a black shirt, pants and sunglasses, he holds up his phone as he stands by the shower. He sticks his leg in the sink and gives the peace sign, while wearing Puma. He cleans the toilet. Wearing heart-shaped glasses, he sings with the toilet brush.

He lies on his bed. He shakes his arms while sitting by the side of his bed.

He sings in the bathroom without glasses.

Wearing a different pair of heart glasses, he stands in the shower and lets the water hit his face. He comments that he “wants to be taken seriously as musician. Thank you.”

Rating: 2/5

Lewis Capaldi props his phone on its stand and presses his Spotify app. He scrolls through the playlists and chooses 90s Divas. While cleaning the grime out of the shower, he shouts out the lyrics of an adult contemporary ballad. He dances around the toilet and slips on the floor as a singer belts out a whistle note.

Capaldi tries to stand up and leans on the sink for the balance. He spreads out his arms and continues to sing along and hops into the kitchen. He finds a pack of ice and places it on his leg. He hops to his bedroom and lies down, chiming in with the adlibs. He puts his hand to his ear and closes his eyes during the “ahhhs.”

With his stomach rumbling, he gets off the bed and limps to get some beef jerky and a beer. He points his finger to the sky as he mimes hitting the note. The music stops in the middle of a vocal run and he sings it out loud. He touches his throat and tries to talk.

He returns a call once his phone is charged up. His friend asks him what happened to his voice. He explains it’s just sinuses and that he’s been coughing all the day. His friend tells him to feel better.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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