Video Review: Meek Mill “Intro”

In a teal lit warehouse, Meek Mill and his friends hang out. He sits on a chair and raps.

In black-and-white, shreds of paper fly near a skyscraper. A group of people, including children, stand and wave American flags.

Lit in candy apple red, a friend of Mill’s pours liquor on the floor. He and his friends pose for a picture. Sitting by a window, he watches as snow falls on the ground.

A 10-year-old boy sits against his column, his head down.

Mill and some of his friends stand in an elevator.

A young woman, wearing a yellow wig, lifts her butt up in the air as she lies on the floor. The 10-year-old boy holds about dozen balloons as he runs in the office. He rides his toy truck.

Bullet holes pierce the ceiling. The fluorescent lights flash as Mill stands in the groups, showing off his gold chain.

Evidence photos feature the bottle and shells of the bullets.

A bottle sits on a desk.

Lights flash red over Meek Mill and his group of his friends. The 10-year-old boy covers his ears as the balloons pop. Mill puts his hood over his head.

Rating: 2/5

Meek Mill his hood over his head and meets some of his friends in an office building. The security guards nods at them and continues to walk past. One of his friend’s nephews runs up and hands him a balloon. The nephew ties the balloon around Mill’s wrist and tells him he’s free to do whatever he wants. Mill spots the security guards lurking around. Mill whispers to one of his friends if they looked familiar. His friends comments one of seems new.

He reads a “good luck” from his co-workers and says he’ll bring them along with him once he makes it. His friend presents him a cake and he cuts the first slice. He says the cake is really good. They pose for pictures. Mill turns on the music and they dance.

A gun goes off. His friend’s nephew cries out. The security guards line up in the lobby and tell them to leave. Mill turns off the music and says they are going right now. He says he just needs to get his things. The security guards tell them to walk towards to the door. A security guard points the gun to one of his friends and shouts for him “move!”

The police arrive at the warehouse and spot the shells on the floor. They add crime scene tape to the door. They search for a body. One of the security guards says Meek Mill was there with his friends last night. Something could’ve happened. The police officer thanks him for the information. The security guards return to the bathroom and wrings out his blood-soaked uniform.

Director: Kid Art Year: 2018

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