Video Review: Herve Pagez, Diplo & Charli XCX “Spicy”

Silver spaceships swoop over the violet painted Spicy restaurant. A teal robot checks on his tables while Herve Pagez cleans glasses behind the counter. Hamburgers float in glass behind. Diplo sits at his table and points to his glass. Behind him, dolphins talk in the booths by the window.

Charli XCX rubs her legs as she sits on a rock in the middle of the ocean.

Diplo takes his phone out of his pocket and reads his text message from Charli XCX, which shows dolphin emojis. He walks to his spaceship and takes off.

Charli XCX places her hand on the glass at the aquarium and watches the dolphins.

A dolphin leaps out of the water. Charli XCX and Diplo ride the dolphins in the ocean. They jog alongside a dolphin inside the aquarium. She screams as she hits the glass with an axe.

Lit in aqua, she sits on the tiled ocean floor and waves. She dances on a hot pink sparkling rock. The ocean floor lights up scarlet red. A dolphin taps the option “y’ on the computer to release. A dolphin flaps its fins as it rises in the air. Metallic fins attach to its body.

She and Diplo ride the mechanical dolphins through streaks of white light.

Diplo, Charli XCX and Pagez dance with the dolphins in the lot.

They sit in a booth in the restaurant and talk in a booth. A mechanical dolphin plays guitar by the counter.

Rating: 3.5/5

Charli XCX repeats the high-pitched squeaks back to the instructor. The instructor pairs her up to work with Diplo for the mid-term. She lists the concepts required for the mid-term and says it has to be a natural conversation. Diplo whispers to Charli XCX that it’s just going to be “okay, nope, good.”

They stop at the diner and talk with Herve Pagez. They ask for his help. He tells them they get the material and should do well. He makes some suggestions and corrects them on some syntax. A dolphin walks up to the register and squeaks to Pagez as he pays his bill. Pagez squeaks that he’s glad that he enjoyed their meal and that he’ll see them next weekend. Charli XCX exclaims she understand most of it. Diplo says he got a sentence or two. Charli XCX says he’s putting too much pressure on himself.

At the aquarium, she sees the captured dolphins swimming. They no longer belong there. The dolphins have saved the planet from multiple asteroids. However, some people believed they were still for entertainment. Somewhere, the dolphin has a family. She takes an axe and helps the wiggling dolphins on the floor. Diplo carries them to his car. He pats them on the head and tells them they are free.

Charli XCX and Diplo were hailed as heroes. It was the last aquarium. The human owners rode their spaceships towards them. However, the dolphins and robots aligned together and fought them off, shielding Charli XCX and Diplo from harm.

Director: Reed + Rader Year: 2019

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