Video Review: D-Mob & Cathy Dennis “C’Mon and Get My Love”

A crew member snaps the clapboard in front of Cathy Dennis and the dancers. D-Mob turns around in his director’s chair and winks. Dennis and the dancers perform their routine against a white background with royal blue letters spelling out D-Mob.

D-Mob shouts into his megaphone. The crew member dances and smiles as he indicates another take.

A few men join in the dance routine with Dennis.

Two men walk across the set with a ladder. D-Mob walks up to the camera and throws up his hands. The producer feels through tangled film on the floor. One of the crew members examines the film. D-Mob and some of the crew members stand in line for lunch at the catering table.

D-Mob and some of his friends dance in front of block letters. Several crew members hook the wires into the equipment. Film spits out of the camera. He dances with Dennis.

A stylist applies blush to Dennis’ face as she dances. A crew member reads the newspaper by the block letters. Some others hold a plant and carry it. A few children asks for Dennis for her autograph. The “D” falls on the ground. D-Mob holds up the hyphen. The two guys with the ladder walk into the block letters and they fall.

Rating: 2/5

D-Mob chugs a bottle of liquor in between breaks. The letters need to be repaired. Some of the film has been ruined. The first few takes weren’t filmed. He has no idea what excuse he’ll use for the record label. They want some rough draft of the video tomorrow. He has nothing to send.

Cathy Dennis offers to stay late. She says she doesn’t mind. D-Mob tells her they are already over the budget. He tells her she did a good job and enjoy her day off. She says she’ll be at home and to give her a call just in case.

The record label executive exclaims “that’s it?” and tells him they’ll salvage what they can. D-Mob says he can fix it. It may be another additional week. However, he can get the set together. The record label says the studio won’t be available for another two months and the two female dancers are going to be touring in a few weeks. The record label executive says it’s a disaster.

Dennis watches the music video on the television and laughs. She hadn’t realized the chaos that had been happening around her. Her focus had been on the choreography. Poor D-Mob. He was trying to keep their spirits up while he was stressing out about the tape.

Director: Marek Budynski Year: 1989

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