Video Review: Ed Sheeran, Paulo Londra & Dave “Nothing On You”

In London, England, a car drives through an intersection while a bus waits at a traffic light. The moon shines over the city.

Ed Sheeran stands with his hands behind his back in a teal painted warehouse. He sits on top his couch in his flat.

Sheeran and Dave ride their bicycles in the street.

Sheeran stands by outside the warehouse.

Paolo Londra tries to catch up to Sheeran and Dave on his bicycle.

Sheeran leaves the warehouse while Dave leans against a column. Dave stands on the dumpster outside the warehouse. Dave stands against a tan painted wall.

Londra stands in the warehouse and on the building.

They continue to ride the bikes through the city.

Rating: 3/5

Paolo Londra calls out “wait!” while his friends Ed Sheeran and Dave ride ahead of him. A car had cut him off and he had lost his view of them.

Sheeran tells Dave about his wife beating him a video game. Dave says they have to get together sometime. Sheeran jokes that she’ll probably knock him out in Mario World. He sits and plays with his phone for a while as h waits for his turn.

Londra breathes hard as he rides between Sheeran and Dave. Sheeran asks him where he has been. Londra explains about the car. He was worried he was going to get hit. Dave apologizes and says they thought he was just behind them. Sheeran notices Landro’s’ flushed face and says that they should stop and take a break.

Londra sits against the warehouse and drinks some water. Sheeran and Dave stretch their muscles. Dave knocks on the door and opens it. He walks inside and says the building has deteriorated. Sheeran says it just needs some paint. Londra says the previous owners gave up on it too quickly. Dave says someone will buy it eventually. Sheeran hopes it becomes another diner. Londra nods and says he feels better. Londra, Dave and Sheeran walk with their bicycles to the street and ride back home.

Director: Cxrter & Saint Kamcordings Year: 2019

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