Video Review: Nancy Martinez “For Tonight”

Lit in lilac, Nancy Martinez paces back and forth as she exits an apartment. She walks back inside and closes the door. A young man points his finger in her face and she slaps him. He shoves her against the wall. She tries to free herself from his grip. She opens the door and walks down the stairs to the alley.

She joins in the dance routine with the group of people. Two young women dance behind a chain-link fence.

Wearing a black crop top and pants, she leans against the door and continues to dance.

A second young man dances with one of the women behind the fence.

She walks up to her apartment and opens the door.

Rating: 2.5/5

Nancy Martinez applies lotion to the marks on her arms. Her mother asks where she got them. She shrugs, responding it was from doing stuff around her house. Her mother says she’ll get her something for it in the bathroom. She rubs her shoulder as her mother leaves. It still hurt.

She was lucky to be alive. His hands were reaching for her throat. She knew she had to get out. She wanted to see her family again. In the alley, she heard people talking. A scream would be useless. It would only blend in with the noise in the city.

As she walked out of his apartment with her head down, the people in the alley turned to watch her. It wasn’t the first time it happened. He was someone she knew. She believed they would at least acknowledge one another again. But know she doesn’t want to go anywhere near his apartment. She exits in the opposite direction on her way out. A young woman in the alley dances close with a young man and she pushes him away. She tells the young woman to be careful. The young woman told her to mind her own business.

She almost jumps out of her chair. Her mother asks her if she’s okay while she hands her a different brand of notion. She says it startled her as she opens the bottle and applies the lotion.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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