Video Review: NF “Time”

A young woman yells at her boyfriend while she leaves the house, carrying her suitcase. As she puts the car in park, he stands by the window, asking for her to wait. She drives away.

Moving in reverse, she sits on the bed while her boyfriend watches television. She packs her suitcase with her all her clothes. She sleeps at night alone and wakes up by by herself. Even with him beside, she turned away from him and was unable to sleep.

At the diner, the server pours their coffee and they leave. Her boyfriend drives them to the diner. It was their regular spot. She looks out the window while he stares ahead at the road. Back at home, they sit on opposite sides of the couch.

On the bed, they toss the laundry at one another and brush their teeth together in the bathroom. She helps him with hanging the paintings on the wall. They move the boxes into their new home.

At the diner, she smiles at him while she eats her dinner. He turns to stare at her while she rests her hand on her chin.

Rating: 3.5/5

It wasn’t going to get better. The young woman thinks of her options while she sits on their bed. Although they lived in the same house, they avoided one another. He ate his dinner on the couch while she stayed in the kitchen. Each room seemed to be a trap that she couldn’t leave. He had confined himself to the family room while conceding the rest of the house to her. It was the only admittance of fault she was going to receive.

He started sleeping on the couch a few months ago, saying he didn’t want to want her to get sick. However, as he started to get better, he continued to sleep there. She couldn’t remember the last time he touched her. At the diner, he spoke to the server and she managed some conversation with them. However, she sipped his coffee while he ate. Other than the car, it was the only time they were together. She hated going every week. It had become a painful reminder of what they used to be.

They had both been regulars at the diner. She had started talking to him about school and how she wished the semester was over. He told her about his job. They exchanged numbers and talked all the time on social media. Even her friends were asking about the new guy responding to her posts. She said she’ll introduce them to her new boyfriend whenever they can get together.

He posts a memory of them buying a house online together with a heart emoji. A second young woman comments “it can’t be that long already.” It’s her bed that he’s been sleeping in whenever he’s not home. She puts her phone down and starts to pack.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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