Video Review: Zhané “Sending My Love”

Through a copper filter, a compass swings from north and south in the desert. An owl sits on a tree limb. Two men sit back to back by a tree, touching their hearts. They run together.

Renee and Jean stand on the white sand.

The owl flies off the tree limb. The two men stand together, their arms folded across their chest.

The sand blows off the scales.

Renee and Jean whisper into the two men’s ears as they sit by the tree. They touch the men’s faces. The men run past the scales. The owl flaps it wings.

Renee and Jean stand next to each other, their heads touching and close their eyes.

Rating: 4/5

The owl calls out to Renee and Jean, alerting them. Renee shields her eyes as watches its body. Jean says the owl will be leaving again. Renee says the owl closed its eyes. It has found something. They have to stay put. Jean says the owl will find their boyfriends.

Their message was simple. It was the directions to reach them. Somewhere in the desert, their boyfriends were looking for them. The owl had repeated a chant. Renee said it back. The owl cried. Renee tells him she’s sorry but they won’t be able to return. The owl bares it teeth. Jean tells him they’ll consider him going with them.

The chant was the breakthrough. Renee and Jean held hands, saying it over and over until they both saw the area in their minds. They knew where their boyfriends were. Jean tells the owl to follow them. The owl sits perched on her arm when they sit.

Time was running out. Jean says they have to hurry. Once the sand disappears, their boyfriends’ location changes again. The owl screeches and shakes while it flies low to the ground. Renee says they have to be careful. Jean and Renee tiptoe in the sand, looking around. A fox jumps out and lunges for the owl.

Renee and Jean find shelter by a nearby tree. They wait for the owl to return.

Director: Antoine Fuqua Year: 1994

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