Video Review: George Ezra “Paradise”

George Ezra puts his guitar around his shoulder as he walks to a triangle on the floor with royal blue fluorescent lights above it. A young woman steps on a pedal to the drum. Two other versions of himself stand in the triangle as he plays the guitar.

In black-and-white, he sings and plays his guitar.

Back in royal blue, the guitar slams against the floor. Three young women walk to the triangle, holding pom poms. In black-and-white, they stand with their hands on their hips. Back in royal blue, they perform their cheer.

Against a ruby red background, he plays the guitar.

Back in royal blue, two boxers stands near the triangle and punch each other. The top of the drum burns.

Back in ruby red, a young man holds a beating heart in his hand and squeezes it.

In royal blue, a group of people stand by the triangle and dance. Someone pops a red balloon in the person’s hand.

Back in ruby red, the boxers continue to punch each other. The group of people dance around Ezra. The young women perform their cheer.

In black-and-white, he continues to sing and play his guitar.

Rating: 2.5/5

The young women ties the ribbon in hair. Her friend tells her the game is going to start in a couple of minutes. From the hallway, she sees the crowd in the bleachers and wants to run. Her mind blanks on the steps. She isn’t sure of what to do. She smiles and finds her place with her friends. While she smiles, she remembers each step and lands her headstand. The crowd claps for her and she grins. She tells her friend that she thought she was going to fall as they walk backstage. Backstage, she taps her feet and moves her arms. She wants to go back out again. Her coach tells her to save her energy for her individual competition. She says 4 hours is too long wait. It’ll give her time to get nervous again. Her coach tells her she’ll do okay.

The boxer puts tape over his hand. There is a possibility it could be his last fight. The doctor could tell him he suffered a concussion. As far as he knew, his competitor was a safe fighter. None of his matches ended up someone in the hospital. His manager assured him that he’ll be okay.

He puts on his robe and walks towards the ring. The theme music plays and he raises his fists in the air. He’ll beat his competitor. It’ll be a knockout. His competitor won’t leave without any scars. He sits on his stool in the ring and taps his foot as he listens to the host introduce them. He wants to throw some punches now.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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