Video Review: Seduction “Could This Be Love”

April draws a heart in the sand and sits on the bed with her boyfriend. She listens to him as he plays the guitar.

Michelle sits in the windowsill. She laughs as she sits on her boyfriend’s motorcycle. Her boyfriend rubs her back while they sit in bed.

April and her boyfriend hold hands as they run across the street. April puts on mascara in the mirror.

Wearing white outfits, April, Idalis, and Michelle stand in an house.

Michelle, wearing a white bra and underwear, lies on the bed.

They stand by the railing at the dock.

April and her boyfriend get sprayed with water from the fire hydrant. Idalis hugs her boyfriend as they stand on the sidewalk.

They stand by the ocean.

April walks away from her boyfriend. Michelle pushes the sand with her hand.

As the sun sets on the beach, Michelle walks on the sand.

Rating: 3/5

Idalis hangs up the phone and says she had to let her boyfriend know she got there. April asks her how long they have been dating. Idalis says about six months now. She adds she almost said “I love you” to him the other day. Michelle sips her drink and says she thinks he would’ve responded back that he loves her, too. Idalis pours some milk in her coffee and says she thinks she may be with for a long time.

Michelle says she and her boyfriend have talked about moving in together. She says he brought it up to her as a possibility in the future. Idalis exclaims that it’s awesome. Michelle rests her hand on her chin and said that she hopes it works out. She’s been heartbroken so many times.

April says she and her boyfriend bicker a lot. Her mom thinks it’s adorable and mentions to her they already seem to be married. April adds that she isn’t sure he wants to get married. They both have avoided the topic. Michelle smiles and says it’s going to happen for her. Idalis tells her he’s in love with her and that she should try bringing up marriage. April says she has missed their girls’ nights. Idalis says they’ll have the most of the summer.

Michelle waves to her boyfriend and says he has the boat. She asks if they want to take a ride. April says she has to change into her swimsuit first. Idalis says her boyfriend will be able to hang out with them next weekend. April walks downstairs and says she’s ready to go. Idalis grabs a bottle of wine. Michelle gives her a boyfriend a hug and he kisses her on the cheek. Her boyfriend whispers to her that he saw some homes for sale in the area and says they could walk through them. Michelle grins and says she’d love to live on the beach.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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