Video Review: Amy Grant “Every Heartbeat”

Lit in Parisian blue, a young woman carries her laundry as she walks into the laundromat. She stares at a fiftysomething woman pounding on the dryer. A young man whistles as he walks to the washing machine.

Against a black background, Amy Grant blows a bubble with her gum. She pretends hitting a baseball.

The young man and woman stare and smile at one another.

Grant dances against a sunflower patterned wallpaper. Against a black spotted background, she holds up a dalmatian puppy. She holds up sunflowers to her face against the flower background.

The young man, wearing glasses, reads a Shyness book and glances over at her. She reads the same book and puts it down. He takes off his glasses.

In black-and-white, Grant tips her glasses to her nose.

The young man and woman look at their towels. A second young man pushes a car to the auto repair shop. A second young woman slides out from underneath and talks to the second young man. He helps her up and she places her hand across her collarbone.

Grant stands on the sand and raises one arm.

The second young woman teaches about the various parts of the car. They touch hands. At the laundromat, the first young man unbuttons his shirt. The fiftysomething woman facepalms. The second young man wipes the grease underneath the second young woman’s eye with his finger. The first young woman starts to unbutton her shirt and then stops. She throws a shirt at him. He throws some of his laundry at her. They dance by the dryers. The second young man and woman dance in the auto repair shop.

Rating: 3/5

The second young man explains the source of the “ching ching” sound from a customer’s car. He states the amount of the repair. The second young woman puts her arm around him and says he did a good job. He smiles and says he thought he mixed up the terms. She says he was correct and hands him a wrench. He says he isn’t sure about fixing the car. She says he knows what he’s doing.

The auto repair shop had been her dream. She had loved working on her cars and showed several of them in competitions. He had stopped at her auto repair for a second opinion. The sound itself didn’t seem complicated. She told him it was minor fix and something that could be fixed without charge.

He returned to the auto repair for any oil changes. She had taught him about the sounds and basics about the car parts. During a lessons, she had become overwhelmed with customers on a weekend. He had stepped in and started answering phone calls. He took some payments. She thanked him for his help and apologized. He said he didn’t mind. She ran the entire shop herself. On a Saturday, he showed up and helped her open and returned on Sunday. She hired him as an official employee and he asked her out.

He rolls his eyes as he brother, the first young man, drives up with his girlfriend. His brother walks around with his shirt off. The first young woman could do so much better. The first young man asks him if he could show her around the garage. The second young man tells him not after the last time. The first young woman says she can’t wait to see where he works. The second young man sighs and gives a sympathetic glance to the young woman. He tells them they are too busy today. The second young man whispers “come on.” With clenched teeth, the first young man tells him “no.” The second young man tells his girlfriend they have to go somewhere else. The first young woman calls out “nice meeting you!”

Director: D.J. Webster Year: 1991

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