Video Review: Bryce Vine & YG “La La Land (Version 2)”

In downtown Los Angeles, California, a gray sky looms over the city. The sun rises over the palm trees.

Bryce Vine sits in his house. Two of his friends sit on his couch and look at their phones. A third friend points at the chandelier hanging in the family room. Their friends take pictures of each other in his home. He rubs his eyes and grins while he slumps on the couch.

A palm tree waves in the breeze. Traffic travels down the roads. Hundreds of people visit the beach. An airplane flies.

He and his friends dance in his family room. He drinks from a cup. One of his friends exhales smoke. The pictures from the night flash by.

Rating: 4/5

Bryce Vine points to paneling in the bathroom and says it took several days to do. He was trying to think of a replacement design. One of his friends says it turned out well. Vine says it was the most difficult room.

A friend exclaims “wow!” as they see his game room. They ask if they can play one of the arcade games. A second friend asks if he’ll play Skee-ball with him. The second friend cheers as her ball reaches the center. She says that she hasn’t played it since she was a child. Vine tosses his ball and says he always wanted one.

They head downstairs and Vine asks if anyone wants something to drink. Several friends request beer. He finds his plastic cups and pours some beer in them. Some friends take pictures of themselves and send him the photos. He asks them not to post them to their public accounts. A fourth friend says “ooh! I almost tagged you.” He says he has a secret group for his friends and that he’ll add them. They can share their photos there. The third friend says that it’s horrible that people will try to figure out the location.

A fifth friend turns on music and some of his friends dance. He sits on the couch and laughs as they turn and shake their hips.  His fourth friend passes him her cigarette and says her audition went okay. She thinks she’s a finalist for the part. He says the commercial could really help her. She says it’s national and pays really well. It could at least cover a few bills. His third friend says she’s leaving and gives him a hug. She says it was great seeing him again. Vine says they’ll have to get together next month. A few other of his friends tell him goodbye. He tells them thanks for coming over.

Back in the family room, he puts the cigarette butts, cups and leftover snacks in a garbage bag. He puts the garbage bag by the side of his house.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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