Video Review: Billie Eilish “When The Party’s Over (Version 2)”

Lit in candy apple red, Billie Eilish covers her face with her hands. She tugs at her lips while she moves her hands down her face. She folds her hands and places them at her sides.

Inky tears from her face and create a pool on the invisible table.

She rubs her neck and tilts her head to the left. She pushes back her hair and puts her hands on her face.

Rating: 3/5

Billie Eilish couldn’t look her former best friend in the eye. Her former best friend yelled at her that her new friends would only use her and drop her once they don’t need anything. Her former best friend was right. But she wanted to be liked by them. They were a popular group and they were asking her to hang out with them.

Her new best friend laughs and says she’s better off without her. The second new friend mocks her and says that she wishes she could be with them. Her new best friend puts her arm around her and tells her they are skipping class.

Eilish smokes with her friends and coughs. Her new best friend asks “a little stronger than you’re used to?” Eilish wants to know where she got it. Her new best friend responds “it’s not local.” One of her new friends touches Eilish’s sweatshirt and comments “that’s it not really thick material.” She opens her closet and says she can borrow some of her sweatshirts. Eilish grins as the new friend of hers hands her a designer brand sweatshirt. The new friend comments that she was going to give it to the Salvation Army but thought Eilish could use it instead.

A few months later, Eilish receives a text from her new best friend asking her “why were talking behind my back?” Eilish responds that she wasn’t. Her new friend responds that she’s a liar and not to bother coming over after school. Eilish reaches out to some of her friends from within the group. None of them respond. She walks down the hallway by herself and sees her former best friend talking with her boyfriend. Eilish hangs her down as she walks out of the building.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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