Video Review: Jonas Brothers “Only Human”

Sometime in 1983, the Jonas Brothers play in a small club. A silver disco ball turns on the ceiling while a green, plastic horse stands close to the stage. People sit at the booths and tables, tapping their feet.

On stage, Joe answers a phone.

A group of people dance on the stage. Two ladders stand at the end of both sides of the stage.

People sing along as they watch the show from the balcony. Joe walks on chairs as he sings. While bubbles fly in the air, Nick performs.

Nick, Joe and Kevin walk on the sidewalk. The people in the crowd skip and dance behind them.

Lit in neon hot pink, Nick peers through the blinds and slides past them while people dance on stage.

Joe stands on top of a taxi as people dance around it.  He talks to the plastic horse. Kevin drinks a Coors Light beer at the counter.

Lit in teal, Nick talks on a payphone.

Kevin plays his guitar while he walks down the hallway of the bar. A twentysomething man bites into a hamburger.

The cab driver gets out his car and confronts Joe in the street.

Rating: 5/5

Kevin drinks a Coors Light during lunch and says he wants to go home. He doesn’t see the purpose of doing the video. He adds that no one is going to watch it when they can listen to it on the radio. Nick says it’s something they have to do. Maybe, he says, it could lead to an acting career if it doesn’t work out. Joe asks the director which phone is first.

The club owner tells the director they only have an hour to get the rest of their footage. The director promises they’ll be out soon. He tells the dancers and the Jonas Brothers that it’s the last take. Joe forgets the order of the phones. Kevin seems to be in further in the back. However, the director figures it can be fixed in editing.

Kevin, Joe and Nick ask the taxi driver to help with the video. The director hands the taxi driver the release and say they’ll pay him for his time. The taxi driver signs and asks who they are. Kevin tells him they are the Jonas Brothers. After the last take, Kevin, Joe and Nick take the cab home.

Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2019

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